Mulberry joel strap length

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  1. hello just wondering if anyone who has this bag can tell me how long the strap is - i'm worried even the shortest length might be quite long for me! I'm 5' 6''
  2. Anyone???????????
  3. I think this one is meant to be worn cross body so the strap ought to be long.
  4. Yes i know, but I saw a really tall lady wearing one and it still looked long cross body so I am wondering what the shortest length is that the strap can be adjusted to.
    Someone must know!
  5. I have a joel, and have just adjusted the strap so that it is on the shortest hole and the drop is 20.5". When the strap is on that hole, the remainder of the strap flaps about a bit as there is no strap loop.

    If you are 5'6", you would probably want it on one of the middle holes or maybe even a bit further along.
  6. Thankyou - sounds like the strap length will be ok!