Mulberry Jenah - yum!

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  1. I saw this bag today and loved it. I saw both the large and small Jenah, in white & turquoise. The turquoise one was GORGEOUS :heart: and had lovely silver hardware. I really liked the small one, it would be perfect for evenings. I think it was around £395 or £495. I've been looking for a photo but can't find one :rolleyes: It's the black one hanging on the chair in the above link. Really love it.

    My only concern is that I can see the lock snapping really easily. There's just a small lock as part of the D buckle and I can see it being quite delicate :shrugs:

    Beautiful, though. You're going to LOVE the colour, sarajane :graucho:
  2. It doesn't look very Mulberryish does it?
  3. No, not at all. I thought it was very Marc Jacobs which figures, I guess, as Emma Hill used to design for MJ :yes:
  4. Hmm, looks veeeeeery interesting, look forward to seeing this IRL too :tup: Am loving the silver hardware!
  5. Not very Mulberryish, but as 'Stacey' from Gavin and Stacey would say it is 'Lush' (apologies to non UK tv watchers)!
  6. Uh oh, anything turquoise could put my ban under immense pressure!!
    Actually I am loving the Shimmy hobo, now if that comes in turquoise I am in big, big trouble.
    I like the fact they don't look like Mulberries. After all when Mabel first came out it was so not like anything Mulberry had done before but now we all think of it as iconically Mulberry.
  7. Looks nice actually although I can see what you're saying about the lock bit Ditab.

    I suppose, off topic a bit, that the Pink Clutch on the bottom left is the Bayswater Clutch? Its nice but it is big isn't it?
  8. Yes, it is. I guess it might be called an Oversized Clutch? They've got to justify the £££ somehow :rolleyes: I do like clutches to be large so it does appeal - but not the price tag :crybaby:
  9. Yeah - with a price tag like that you're paying the same as a normal Bayswater practically!
  10. I love the black bag, look forward to see it on the, and of course the price. :graucho:
    There is a Jenah? in the InStyle magazine, made of suede and leather with the D buckle, must admit there is no way I would pay £795 for that bag. :nogood: