Mulberry January blues

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  1. Not been posting that frequently for a while.. desperately trying to be good and not get enabled in any way :P. Anyway I am sooo wanting to buy a mini mabel in the sale but i am resisting and resisting and resisting... :crybaby:

    Totally on the sofa... :rolleyes:
  2. Rascalcat stay strong, this illness is picking us off one by one. Some one out there must have some natural immunity!
  3. Oh you must be the one to resist Rascalcat!

    We seem to be hopeless, please be an inspiration to us all!
  4. LOL old bag rule - i am staying strong (or is it the hubbys watchful eye hee hee)... I just keep thinking "OMG! £197 - what a bargain!!" :nuts:
  5. hee hee Ali.. inspirational i am not! must admit - it is like an itch ya just cant scratch... half of me thinks i will cry when the sale ends - and the other half will do a happy dance!!
  6. Please see me as an example of weakness and the repercussions. I weakened, bought the mini mabel and it is now boxed up, on my office desk and waiting for me to find the time to send it back!
  7. stay strong rascal- you're doing well to have resisted this long!!!!
  8. Thank you Jo... I have actually surprised myself...

    OLR - sorry to hear that you are sending your mini mabel back. Presumably not quite what you fancied when you got her?
  9. Mini MAbel gorgeous, but got so carried away in the sales it was the mini mabel or food - still a close run thing!
  10. Don't say that or she'll be trying to persuade you to send it to her instead!!!:P
  11. :sweatdrop: now that is a hard choice! mulberry v. food.

    Actually tescos have a very good offer on beans at the moment LOL..
  12. :P Would not dream of it - i am a good girl (honestly) :graucho:
  13. Please note:

    I am a Mini Mabel owner
    I have had it since October
    I have never used it.
  14. Rascal, I feel your pain.:cry:
  15. me too!