Mulberry jacket, am I being picky?

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  1. I bought a Mulberry jacket at Xmas and I love it. It was £225 in the sale.
    It is slate grey with dark grey buckles (like the shimmy buckle colours)
    Well one of the buckles on the front is starting to peel. All the others are ok but just one is flaking and I can see it all flaking.
    Am I being picky or should I go back into the store (It's just past the 28 days now, so not sure what they'd do)??
  2. take it back, it obviously bothers you. :smile:
  3. take it back - thats not on...Top shop would offer a refund for a defective item so why not Mulberry?
  4. over the 28 days though? It's been worn twice and still has the protective cover on the inside label.
  5. Take it back.
  6. Don't worry about the fact that you've worn it. You are returning the item as per your statutory rights, NOT under the store's complimentary 28 day return policy. Arguably, the jacket is not fit for purpose and/or not of satisfactory quality and you are entitled to a full refund (you do not have to accept a credit note). Good luck!
  7. ^^ thats what i would have posted only not so eloquently. The jacket is damaged and that does not affect your rights adversely.

    They ought to refund it like a shot esp when you show them the receipt and they see it has not been around for years!
  8. I am going up to London at Half term, so I'll take it back and hope for a refund?
    Quite a few items that I've had lately have been faulty.
  9. Please don't 'hope' for a refund Rachiem. You are legally entitled to one. If the SA does not accept this then ask to see the manager, if they do not accept this take the names of all involved and ask for the name of inhouse legal at the co and or company secretary's name and the co's registered address so that you can write a letter before claim (i.e. a letter warning that a claim will be brought at the county court if the matter is not resolved to your full satisfaction). This puts the fear of God into most SA;s and they prefer to resolve matter there and then before head office gets involved and they get into trouble. You paid a lot of money for that jacket (sale price or not) and you deserve a decent product in return for your cash.
  10. Good Lord, I feel a bit woosey now!
  11. Lol, I am big on a person's legal rights and have never left a shop unsatisfied :yahoo:
  12. I've just lost £80 on an Evilbay transaction, so could do with venting on a poor SA if she shows resistance!!
  13. IWANB - you sound like a fab person to know - and go shopping with!! But you are right - Rachie, you are abs within your rights....would it be worth calling the shop and saying that you are going up in 2 weeks but to warn them about the issue?

    So sorry to hear about the Evilbay issue - what happened??
  14. I would also give them a call and tell about the problem and that you will return in in two weeks time. It was obviously faulty, regardless if used or not. Good luck and stick to your rights !
  15. Poppy, I had to send an item by standard parcel (so no tracking). After I sent them they emailed to say that they forgot to tell me that they'd moved! No parcel arrived, so had to refund, also couldn't make a comp claim (even though I insured to £100) as the address was incorrect and a claim form was not returned!
    Worse things happen and life's too short to stress but they could have mentioned they'd moved at the time!