Mulberry in Paris

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  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone know if the Mulberry Store in Paris sells bags?
    I'm going end of July and would love to get an Alexa :biggrin:

    If you know the price of the bag in Paris (assuming the store sells bags), please let me know too. Much appreciated!

  2. I visited the Mulberry store in Paris on last friday. They had about every model you can think of. A lot of models and colours and materials that one would never see in Sweden. They also had some clothes. The SA was very nice and we talked a little. She told me a lot of Norwegians visit the shop. When comparing to swedish prices Paris came out very well, a Bays would be some 150£ less if I bought it there.

    The shop is on the fashion street Rue st Honore, but a bit further down than Hermes (wich was really crowded) I was alone in the M store apart from two other swedish young women that were in for a short visit :smile:

    Mulberry is not very common in Paris, I hardly saw any during my three days there. The ones I saw was in the airport and at least one of them was carried by a swede. In Paris it's all about LV, there was even a queue outside to enter the shop at Champs Elysés and at Galeries Lafayette !
  3. Hi Lakrits.
    Hope ou had a lovely time in paris. What price was the bays ?
  4. Thanks, yes I had a really nice time in Paris, and the weather was warm and sunny. The Bays was 750 Eur.
  5. Interesting review, thanks for posting! Funny that the Mulberry shop in Paris would be so popular among Swedes and Norwegians, says something about the crazy Mulberry prices in the Nordic countries.
  6. Thank you Lakrits.Sorry for the late reply.
  7. Would you guys know how much the regular Alexa is in Paris?
  8. i've been wanting this bag forever and it's finally in stock at netaporter so i ordered it but i realized that i'll be going to paris next month. should i cancel my order and buy it in paris? it's $1250 here... anyone know how much it is in paris??? thanks!
  9. I looked at Net-a-Porter and Mulberry French sites and the oak Oversized Alexa is €1,100 on both. I think you got a better price with $1250 ?
  10. wow what a great idea! thank you so much!
    hmm i'm little surprised that it's cheaper here in the US but good to know!
  11. Hi everyone,

    Just wondering I'm being treated to weekend in Paris for my bday next weekend & can anyone recommend any places big or small that i can check out for Mulberry goodies?! :Presents
  12. A week-end in Paris sounds wonderful!
    There is a Mulberry store at Rue St Honoré, pretty small but still reasonably well stocked. Some of the big stores, like Printemps, also have Mulberry.

    Enjoy your trip :cool:
  13. Thanks Vicky for replying! I didn't realised there was already a thread on this topic as I did a search & nothing came up. Anyway probably will check out Printemps stores as they may carry somethings that are not in the regular Mulberry stores. Anyway thanks again, can't wait!! x