Mulberry in Paris

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  1. Hi

    Is there a Mulberry in Paris? If so, is it cheaper than the UK?


    Stef x
  2. Not sure of the exchange rate honey,it may be but you would have to ring a bureau de change for the days exchange rate to find out I think,it is somewhere around on the web,but I have'nt a clue where,sorry!!xxx
  3. There are three stockists in Paris (check the Mulberry site for details) but I'm not sure whether it would be cheaper than in the UK. The euro is fairly strong against the pound so I think that would make them a bit more expensive.

    However, one of the stockists is Galeries Lafayette and you can often get 10% off visitor discounts. Not sure if this would cover Mulberry but might be worth a try.
  4. Really sorry to hijack your thread :smile:, but Isn`t it a shame there are not many Mulberry stockists in the good old USA , god with the exchange rate at the mo you could save a fortune :tup:.

    Back on subject , I thought paris was all longchamp etc...not to many Mulberries about? if so maybe more pricey ??
  5. Thanx guys, I tried to find stockists on Mulberry website but couldn't find it, usually its under customer services and where to buy products isnt it.

    Oooh will have to try out that Galeries Lafayette thanx ditab :biggrin: how do you get 10% discount, is it like Barneys where you go to visitor info and get a booklet?
  6. According to the website there should also be Mulberry shops at 45 rue Croix des Petits Champs, and 207 rue St. Honoré, both in the 1st arrondisement.

    Last time I went to Paris, I saw the Mulberry dept at Galeries Lafayette, and it was tiny. But they did have some of the newer bags, so if you are looking for current styles, it might be a good place to look - considering the 10%.
  7. With the current exchange rate on the euro it's unlikely that Mulberry will be cheaper in Paris. The cheapest place is def the UK.