Mulberry in glasgow...

  1. Today at the shop they had Euston's, Rosemary's, Annies (black and choc) and a snakeskin Emmy all 50% off, also had the gold snakeskin mabel down to £418 from £950! If I could pull off a snakeskin mabel I most certainly WOULD!:graucho: Tonnes of other stuff inc East West bayswaters 30% off, got my Rosemary in Oak, I'm well chuffed!:yahoo:
  2. Any chance you can remember how much the black Annie was? Tried to get it online but sold out. Was £298 online.
  3. I dont suppose they had any blenheims did they?!
  4. Euston bags 50% off is that £500 the original price or £249 as it is in the outlets ??
  5. Euston was £249. No blenheims, the only past season bags they had were the rosemary and euston. Its a shame too because I seem to lust more after the past season ones, would have died if I'd seen an oak pheobe!
  6. OMG :wtf: Just what is going on with Mulberry and their sale prices?! Their website is up-down, up-down, and those bargains in Glasgow are fantastic !

    However, I'm a bit grrrr now about how much I paid for the Annie yesterday :crybaby:I could either chill out and just be pleased that I finally tracked this baby down (sensible response really) or I could stalk the website for the next week, in the hope that one magically re-appears at this fantastic new price (sensible for the wallet, not good for my nerves) :hysteric:

    PS orkenydaisy, just seen your last post. Is it worth checking the outlets for your phoebe? I know they were half price (£297) fairly recently.
  7. i am sure biecester has the oak phoebe try them.
  8. I do like the pheobe and might have said YAY if it had been in right front of me (like the rosemary which I was NOT expecting; I was told the Elgin was going in the sale but none there nor the Effie!) , but I don't know if I'm loving it enough to do the outlet phone-athon.
  9. orkneydaisy I was in Mulberry in Glasgow today too (although later on, about 4pm). I splurged on a black Annie (sarajane it was £298). I thought some of the Annies looked like seconds, I really didn't like the leather on a couple of them.
  10. Omg I was there about 3.30! I remember seeing a blonde woman trying on Annie's with her OH, funny if that was you! I tried on a choc Annie briefly but didn't really look closely at them.

  11. Its back online :smile:
  12. :wtf: I'm not blonde though! :lol: I'm looking at your first post again and see that you bought a Rosemary, did you stop on the way out of the shop, resting the Rosemary on the stand with the purses, open the bag and show it to someone (think it was a man, I assumed boyfriend or husband)? If so I was coming in at that time with my Mum, I have brown bobbed hair and was wearing a bright green jacket, carrying a black Bayswater.

    Wouldn't it be weird if we passed each other in the shop? :nuts:

    I now know why I thought you were there much earlier in the day, I forgot that the times of posts are American times not British, I did think it a bit odd that you had been to Glasgow and were back posting before 11am!

  13. My OH was in the car with the kids so not me! I'm not hard to miss I was wearing a bright red topshop jacket and have wild curly hair.......and carrying an overstuffed black Emmy. Was at Edinburgh Mulberry today, slightly bigger selection of Sale stuff and they have choc Rosemary's aswell as Oak....they were luverly!
  14. Not you then, although we must have just missed each other. I'm trying desperately to ignore what you have just said about Edinburgh Mulberry having more sale stock and resist the temptation to jump in the car tomorrow for a look! :graucho:
  15. There's not too much more, just some more snakeskin bags (Brooke's Emmy's Knightsbridge Mabel's) all half price and a few more colours on the Rosemary rather then just oak which is the only colour at glasgow. I do prefer the glasgow store but I dont like that SA with the long red hair, I have never seen anyone so rude in my life!