Mulberry Heroes?

Jul 23, 2007
Ok another question. Who is your hero, or person who as most inspired you?

Terry Fox the young man who ran across Canada to raise funds for cancer patients. Terry ran a marathon EVERY DAY and had a prostetic leg. Although he sadly lost his life, marathons are run every year in his name around the world.


Dec 9, 2007
Min Mehta, a specialist spinal surgeon who has worked tirelessly to help infants who are diagnosed with scoliosis (spinal curvature) at a very early age. She has devised a method whereby children go into straightening plaster casts which take advantage of the fact that infantile bones are soft, and pushes the spine straight again. This means that these young children won't have to go through the years of hard back bracing, full body casting and eventual spinal fusion surgery that I did.

She's an amazing lady, I believe that she's over 80 now and is still travelling the world teaching her casting technique to doctors and orthotists. I'm going to nominate her for an honour on the queen's list because it's terrible that people like this don't get recognised when footballers and pop stars do.