mulberry help please!

  1. Hi! It can be really hard to say by just looking photos, if a bag is an authentic or not. Believe me! I bought an authentic Mulberry bag from eBay with money back guarantee if I wasn't happy. The bag came with receipt, apparently a fake one that too. The bag was not a genuine! And guess if the sellers personal information was correct? So I am not able to do anything. I would recommend you to save some more money and buy a 100% real one Mulberry bag from a Mulberry store. There are suddenly at least two patchwork leather bags on sale at eBay. I wouldn't buy.
  2. Im no expert, but I think it looks a bit fake :/
  3. hi ladies, thanks for the advice!

    yeah i'm a bit hesitant to get it now, especially after i asked the seller if it came with the cards and dustbag and apparently the bag just comes with a Net-A-Porter dustbag. it sounds dodgy. i'll probably wait for christmas to roll by and hope for a sale at mulberry or maybe when i fly out, i'll just get it at heathrow airport, sans taxes.
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