Mulberry - Help needed

  1. Hi

    I have a few Mulberry bags and absolutely love them. I however don't have the Bayswater in a dark colour or the Roxanne at all!

    I always thought I would want a Bayswater in Black however I have the chance to get one in Chocolate brown at £150 off the retail price (this is about $280 I think!)

    I also have the chance to get a Roxanne in Chocolate aswell and this is about £65 more!

    So my query is do you prefer the Bayswater or Roxanne?

    And do you think I should get the Brown or the Black which is more expensive?

    Help me please!!:flowers:
  2. personally i prefer the Bayswater.. it's one of favorite bags ever.. especially in chocolate it's so ymmy!!
    go for the Bayswater it's timeless, big enough for everything you need but not huge and it looks great plus the price is unbelievable..
  3. bayswater! i used to not like the roxanne at all but then i saw my cousin's and it's actually really nice.. as long as it's not in some hideous colour, hers is just the classic tan.
  4. I truly prefer the Bayswater. As for the colour, I think you could look at the leathers and decide which you like better, regardless of cost. Of course, you could also decide which colour you need more. Enjoy!!!!!
  5. I adore my bayswater, the Roxanne is nice but its lots more work to open and close..
  6. Thanks for all your help. Also I wear a lot of black - do you think the Chocolate goes with black - or do you think you need to wear black with black so to speak!

    TIA Rachel:flowers:
  7. roxanne!
  8. Bayswater & I say feel free to mix your blacks and browns. It adds some interest to your look.
  9. I like the looks of both of them (well, maybe a little more towards Roxanne), but I feel that Bayswater is much easier to open&close. IMO if you consider the convenience Bayswater is better.
  10. Definitely the Bayswater. I love mine in black darwin. It goes with everything and you don't have to worry about matching them with anything! It's a timeless classic IMO. I wear lots of black too and i passed on the brown for the black.
  11. Okay I am gonna go for the Bayswater too - the Roxanne can be difficult to get in and out of. Yes I think chocolate brown can go real well with black too.
  12. Hi

    I'm new to this site...loving the work :smile:

    I've got a bayswater and i love it. It's so versatile - work, day and travel. It's a little more classic than the Roxanne and also more feminine IMO

    I would go with brown, I combine brown and black all the time too.
  13. Bayswater! IMO, this will become a classic bag. I think that some of the Roxannes are too busy.
  14. The Bayswater is wonderful, I have one in black and one in pink. I carry them every chance I get. Black is slightly more versatile than chocolate I think since it looks good with clothing in either black, brown, tan or any shade of blue.
  15. Definitely Bayswater. I have one in light blue. It is a more "professional" looking and is therefore great for work.