Mulberry help! How much is 376 English (pounds?) in US dollars

  1. Im ordering a bag (or atleast trying to) and I dont know how much it is in American money! Call me uncultured but I dont even know for sure if England still uses the pound or the Euro! I have the bag in my basket, can anyone tell me how much 376 in England converts to over here in the US?

  2. I think 1 pound equals around 2 US dollars.
  3. Its $555.64. You can just google currency converter.
  4. ^Told ya Im a dunce!

    Thank you for the help! And now I am NOT ordering the bag! LOL. Thats a lot more than I thought it was!
  5. I only recently looked it up because I was looking at getting a Mulberry during their sale but same as you after I saw how much american dollars it was, I had to pass:tdown:
  6. I think it is closer to $730. What were you hoping to buy form Mulberry Gung? I'd love a Mulberry too but have to save up first.
  7. Shoot! GUNG is in trouble! I says to mee self, no more bags! NO MORE! Then I mosey on over to the Mulberry website and see this stunner also known as the Smithfield. I quickly rationalized the purchase (Ok GUNGY, youve got three, no four brown bags, two are lighter brown, one is medium, one is dark BUT you really do need a dark dark brown.)

    MEH. Im a fool for bags.
  8. Hi Gung
    Are you still buying handbags?
  9. ^HEY! How are you!:yes:

    I shouldn't be buying any more bags. Im still on the hunt for a dark chocolate bag and then I *think* that will round out my collection nicely.

    How about you?
  10. Hmmm
    I'm hooked into the thread about curbing consumerism - and am coming to the realization that I really do have enough to get on with..
    Its funny - you use the word collection - but how does that work??? I don't know how I could make a 'complete' collection - because there is always another purse - which is slightly different - which will compliment what I already have - and which I would love to 'own' - but probably will never make practical use of???
  11. £1.00 = approx. $1.96

    So, £376.00 = $736.62

    This site's great, I use it all the time:

  12. 7 3 6 . 6 2

  13. Im definitely not buying the bag now. Geez, I thought I was getting some kind of deal!

  14. LOL! Yes, 'fraid so! :yes:

    Actually, it was even worse in the Autumn (or even better, depending on where you live!), when the pound was worth over two dollars.

  15. Oh I hear ya, I really do! I need to curb my own consumerism, or pursism...probably both!:roflmfao::rolleyes: