Mulberry Hayden Tote for work?

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  1. What are your thoughts on a Mulberry Hayden Tote for work purposes? I need to carry A4-sized leaflets/folders and my trusty A5 Filofax ... is Hayden big enough?

    Many thanks for any advice.


    ps I already have a Bayswater, which is great for work, but fancy something different. I was considering an oversized Alexa but, having read some of the comments on this site, appreciate it's probably not suitable. :sad:
  2. Hi, I have the hayden tote in gingerbread. It's a gorgeous bag, the leather is butter soft so it's a lot less structured than the bays. It is pretty roomy though, I think you should be able to fit A4 leaflets and a folder into it with no problem - I can try with mine tonight if you like and take a picture.

    What colour are you thinking of?
  3. That would be fab, thank you fuzzyfelt 27. If I buy new, it will be the black plonge lambskin but I've only seen online, not actually held one in my sweaty mits! There's one on Ebay atm, which I've asked to be authenticated, in Gingerbread - current bid is £250 and it's closing in 1 hour!!! Decisions, decisions ... x
  4. My SIL has the Gingerbread one and the leather quality & colour are amazing . My DH said it was the best Mulberry he had ever seen - didn't buy me one though :pout:
  5. OK I took a few pictures with an A4 ring binder and my VIP liner, there is plenty of room for the two - and the side buckles on the bag can be adjusted to make it wider if neede but mine is on the tightest hole setting.

    As the bag is so soft and slouchy, as soon as you let go of the handles, the front and back slouch down, so makes it look like the folder is sticking out of the top, but it actually fits pretty nicely...maybe a cm or 2 above the magnetic fastening in the middle but I don't think that matters too much. Hope it helps!

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  6. I'm :drool: over your gorgeous bag, Fuzzy! The leather looks so soft and smooshy - how lovely! Have you used it often, and how do you feel the leather is holding up? It certainly It looks like in new condition. I'd love a bag in this leather some day..
  7. Fuzzyfelt27, you are an absolute star - thank you. I didn't bid on the gingerbread Hayden as the seller couldn't provide additional photos in time (it went for £287, which seems pretty reasonable but I'm sure there'll be others ... ?) but having seen your gorgeous bag, I'm now convinced that Hayden is the way forward for me. Thanks again for taking the time to take the photos for me, much appreciated. x
  8. Thanks Lillemy :biggrin: It is really gorgeous, I just love how buttery soft the leather is, it melts in your hands....yum. I haven't used it a massive amount, but as & when the mood takes me. I think the leather is holding up fine, there is no wear & tear at all...the only damage is coffee stains (where I managed to kick over a full mug of coffee...all over the bag! :faint:, but luckily the stains are not too noticeable). I have brought it into work today after having got it out to photograph, I was drooling over it again myself! :drool:

    You definitely need something in lambskin, I think it would be great for you :groucho:
  9. You're welcome haf27 - I noticed the one on ebay had sold and did wonder whether you'd managed to get it. By the way, there was a gingerbread tote in Bicester on Saturday (someone was holding onto it when I left so it could be sold), so if you are UK based, it might be worth calling the outlets (Bicester, Shepton Mallet, York, etc) to see if they have any in stock.

    Good luck with finding one though!

    P.S. Slowhand - your husband has great taste! Maybe he'll surprise you for Christmas! :nuts:
  10. Hi, does anyone know where I can get this bag from? Its lovely =)