Mulberry Hanover, Langham, Langford, Rivington & Lexington!

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  1. ........

    All will be revealed tomorrow...;)
  2. Can't wait!
  3. Huh? Did you win the lottery?
  4. Never heard of Lexington... Can't wait! :nuts:
  5. Well, we saw Chocolate Rivington and Oak Langford yesterday at Bicester and they are as we said before.

    The Rivington has 2 pockets at the front and the Langford has 1 - they both have the 'flaps' at the bottom of the sides.

    The Langham is the smaller version of the Hanover but I've no idea what a Lexington is.

    I think she's got some pictures from Mulberry!
  6. Oh dear, I really like the Langham, I can't wait to see pics. Fancy leaving us in suspense for so long.
  7. Congrats! 5 in one day, we are being spoiled. Can't wait! :nuts:
  8. Oh, how exciting!!!

  9. I have a cat called lex and i would really love a mulberry named after him can any one post a piccy ?:tup:
  10. We have been super sleuths at work here on TPF trying to solve the mystery of the 2007 Havana bags!

    In spite of the mixed messages given to us by SAs at different outlets, we figured out what the Rivington, Langford, Langham and Hanover look like but little did we know there is another bag in this bag family called the Lexington!

    Here are the pages from the Mulberry training manual that the lovely SA sent to me, although she has had to put a cross through the page as that was the only way she would be allowed to send it out. So here you go girls! Sorry for the delay xx
  11. i hope it works now!
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Well I've never seen a Lexington before!

    The ones at Bicester (as already stated) are 2 Chocolate Rivingtons and 3 Oak Langfords - NO Langham or Hanover (or Lexington).
  14. Rivington

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  15. Hanover and Langham

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