Mulberry Hanover in Oak?

  1. Hi ladies - my first post here, so be gentle with me :smile:

    Having found this forum a while ago, only just discovered that it now has it's very own Mulberry section - yipee!!

    I'm wondering if any of you own the Hanover in oak? I've done a search, but couldn't find any info from anyone that actually has experience of this bag. Anyway, I've loved it for a while, and am seriouisly considering a purchase, but I'm just so nervous about how the leather will wear.

    I notice that on the mulberry site they are now calling the leather, 'light antiqued' (I think they just called it 'hanover' when it first came out?) I've fondled a couple in the flesh - the first one was immaculate, and I really loved the texture of the leather, and the fact that the bag was slouchy and quite light. But, the next time I saw one :amazed: Wow, it was seriously scuffed up, and not really in a good way.

    I'd love to hear if any of you have this bag, and if so, how has it worn and what are your recommendations for looking after it?
  2. Hi Alycat - welcome :smile:

    Can't help you on the Hanover as I've not seen it IRL. The fact that you saw a really scuffed one instore is a bad sign imho. The wear and tear that you'll put on the bag is probably not quite as bad as what it is subjected to instore but it still suggests that the leather is very delicate - but only you can decide if that will bother you.

    I saw a very scuffed Mabel in the Bicester outlet and it totally put me off that bag :tdown:
  3. Hi Ditab

    Thanks for the welcome and the reply. :smile:

    Was sure I recognised your name from the bag (I'm a very infrequent poster there!)

    Yep, I completely agree about the leather being delicate - that's my fear, but also the reason that I'm drawn to it :blush:
    Just don't want to end up with a bag that's too scuffed, IYKWIM

    I know how the darwin can appear in store, yet have manged to keep mine in reasonable nick, so I'm really confused on this one! Thing is, everything else about the bag is just what I'm looking for, and the fact that it's a Mulberry is a bit of a bonus.

    What a shame about Mabel - it looks to be a great bag
  4. it scuffs very easily !! but it doesn't seem to upset the leather if you understand me , looks aged very quickly but think it is designed to .
  5. I saw the Havana IRL which is the smaller version of the Hanover. It is incredibly delicate, a very very light leather and I'm not sure how well it would hold up. I certainly wouldn't want to take it out in the rain as I think it would mark badly.
    Also, because it's so light the bag doesn't seem to hold its shape very well. I put my stuff in the Havana and could clearly see the shape of my purse, keys etc through the leather.
    It would make a lovely special occasion bag but it doesn't look robust enough for a regular use bag.
  6. sj - you are truly dedicated to the cause :woohoo: That's fantastic - putting your stuff into the bag in the shop to see if it works for you. I'm too embarrassed to even take out the stuffing :nogood:

    Next time I see a Roxanne in store, I'm going to take out the stuffing, fill it with my stuff and then see if I can get it under my arm :tup:
  7. Oh I have no shame when it comes to the hunt for the perfect bag...
    I have no compunction about taking out the stuffing, shoving all my gear in and marching around the shop.
    I do it not only in the factory shop but John Lewis, Selfridges, Liberty etc!
    If my poor boys are with me they settle down on the nearest sofa with their books and GameBoys.
    The one thing I always do is try the bag on my shoulder. Mulberry straps are not the longest and you really have to try them to make sure they will fit once you're wearing a jumper or coat.
    You ought to have seen me at Shepton - I had eight bags out at one stage, there was stuffing and dust bags everywhere!
  8. Thank you ladies!

    Ok, think this has sealed the fate of this one. I shall now start the hunt for a replacement to covet.