Mulberry handbags - does your plastic coating peel?

  1. I recently acquired a bayswater and I've noticed that in places where there is a lot of friction, like where the handles meet the bag, the coating that has been put on the handles has started to crack and bend a bit. Is this normal?
  2. No, I don't believe that's normal. I own the Emmy and mine has not done that-there should not be a "coating" on the leather if it's darwin leather...:nogood:
  3. I don't mean a coating on the leather...I mean around the edges of the straps and the top of the bag where they put on the dark brown rubbery coating.
  4. I think you're talking about the sealer/coating on the edges of the straps. My Bayswater has peeled near the stitching at the attachment points. I don't know if it's *supposed* to do that, but yours isn't the only one.
  5. That has happened to my Bayswater too, "on top of" the handles, you know, where you carry it. Only on the edge of the leather, like where it has been cut when they made the bag. Sorry if I can't describe it better for you, GAH! :smile:
  6. Hmm, shouldn't be plastic...and shouldn't be peeling.
    How long have you had the bag?
    Even if for a while, I'm sure if you contacted their repairs department they would re-do it free of charge.

    I think what you mean is the edge 'inking', also sometimes referred to as edge 'staining', 'burnishing' or 'painting', where a cut edge seam (as opposed to a folded seam) has been 'finished' to give it a smooth feel, a seamless appearance, and a defined edge.

    The skill in application, using the right 'ink' recipe to suit the flexibility of the leather, and number of layers applied (the best is done by hand and creates a domed appearance, where you can't see the join between the two leather panels) define how well this finish lasts. If it's done well, it should last a good, long time. The Italians and Spanish craftsmen are masters at this.

    If you're interested to learn more, you can read more about this technique on my designer's diary.
  7. It sounds like the same problem I had with a MbyMJ softy handbag that I returned to Bloomingdales for this very reason. I felt it was unacceptable for a bag costing hundreds of $$$$$!:shrugs:
  8. Thank you for sharing this info, it was very interesting to read! :tup: It's always fascinating to know how bags are made and processed...
  9. I've had my Mulberry Bayswater for 2 1/2 years and I have the same problem. It just cracks. For some reason, I have never had it with any of my other ones. Not sure why this is the case...
  10. WOW, Thank you so much for sharing with us. I would love to see more of your diary.
  11. The cracking on the leather edging was the reason I didn't buy a MJ multipocket tote even though I really liked the style. A bag costing that much should not do this. All the bags in the store had cracks in them at multiple points already---not a good sign!! My MJ Stella and Sophia bags do not have this problem at all (I've had these two for a couple of years). I think people must have complained because the later versions of the multi-pocket tote seem to use a different material for the edge coating that is more flexible and doesn't look prone to cracking.
  12. Wow, Judy, thanks! I love seeing/knowing how this art is done - and I have a new appreciation for my own bags (and it helps to confirm the quality, too!). I had a little bit of an idea after having a cobbler re-do a shoulder strap for a beloved bag and watching how he carefully slit the leather to slide the end piece back in (thereby making an 'invisible' seam) but he wasn't able to finish the edges as they were. And now I know why!
  13. Panda, that is my experience only with MbMJ softy (and yes, all the ones in the store had the problem). I have other MJ (an early version of Sophia - I think that's the one I have, a suede bag in teal that I don't know what it's name is and a mbmj rasberry sorbet color bag) and NONE of them have this problem. The teri turnlocks and turnlock faridahs have a softer strap that seems folded rather than "edged" so I'm sure won't have this problem. I have to say that when I noticed it on my softy, I was plenty aggrevated but Bloomingdales took it back with no problem. If I had this problem on a Mulberry, I would freak because it is totally unacceptable on such an expensive bag!!!
  14. I've also had this problem with my Oak Bayswater (It's about three years old). I have also discovered that the brown stuff gets a bit sticky when the weather's hot.
    I have a lot of Mulberry bags from their earlier ranges and no one of these has this cracking and "stickyness".

    And thanks to Judy Brown for sharing her knowledge about the inking - very interesting reading!:tup: