Mulberry handbag: bayswater and Ledbury...

  1. I want to buy a 2nd had bayswater or Ledbury handbag.
    I found some on eBay~ but it's really hard to tell it's fake or not...:confused1:
    Does anyone know? Any tips pls...

    Like these on E bay::heart:

    Does anyone know which one is fake:wtf:
    IS Ledbury handheld only….could not b a shoulder bag? :rolleyes:
  2. ok here is what i think:
    1 + 2 look fake
    3 - pictures look ok but v little feedback so avoid
    4 - looks fake
    5- piccie looks ok and there is some good feedback

    having bought a fake Mulberry on e-bay myself I now would not bid unless
    1) I'd had it authenticated on here
    2) great feedback on seller
    3) bidders identities NOT hidden
    4) paypal protected up to £500

    bear in mind when i was scammed on e-bay I received a totally different bag from the one pictured in the auction!!!
    Hope this helps

    Ledbury is hand held only- definately can't go on the shoulder. The new east-west bayswater might be able to go on the shoulder though so may be worth looking at that on the Mulberry website in the new collection.
  3. That's good~ I like the 3rd one the most!:heart:

    U sure Ledbury is hand held only...:wtf:
    so disappointed~:crybaby:
    ut I saw there has 2 different styles of Ledbury from
    the Mulberry site.
    The oak one has a longer handle than the choc brown one.
    M i right:confused1:

    I'm worry about the fake Mulberry on eBay too...
    dun want to waste $$$ on fake product:cursing:
  4. I agree with flyvetjo. However although 3 looks authentic its described as used twice, looks very battered for having been used twice. I'd be wary. :nogood:
    I used to have a ledbury,and i could get it on my shoulder if i was wearing a sleaveless top, but it wasn't comfortable. so i sold mine, have to be able to put a bag on my shoulder.:shrugs: