Mulberry Gray Croc Suede Clutch Bag

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  1. Who owns this bag? I am SO interested in it but I need to know how it looks on. How big is it? Can I carry it on my shoulder? Is it beautiful in person? Thanks

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  2. It is beautiful! For the size look at the Mulberry site ( and go to clutch. In the new season section, coming soon, you will find the Bayswater clutch, Ivory Mixed, Haircalf. Click on Size & Fit and you will find exactly how big it is. The Gray Croc is the same size. There are two sizes of the Bayswater Clutch, this one and the small one. The last one is fine for evenings out. This one is perfect as day bag. It holds two books, wallet, cosmetic purse and more. You can carry it easily on your shoulder, very pleasant and also very nice it stays put. You will find many Bayswater clutches on the Mulberry section of The Purse Forum. This one is not as stiff as the Leopard ones. I do not know how it will behave after having used this bag for a long time. Some people on this forum expect that it will not hold its shape and slouch. I would not mind if it does, but you might.
  3. do a search in here on bayswater clutch as well, a few modelling pics of if - though maybe in other leathers.
  4. Gorgeous ,gorgeous ,yummy bag. Stays put on your shoulder -I spoiled myself,yet again.:love: