Mulberry girls,Bye Bye For Now!!!!!

  1. I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all,especially those who first welcomed me onto the forum when I was having some of my darkest days.You have made me,laugh,smile and feel appreciated again.Your brand of therapy has been priceless.

    Hopefully I won't be offline too long,gulp,I'm missing you already!!

    Lots and lots of love to my best freinds and can't wait to be back!!!!:heart::love:
  2. Oh Chaz - I will miss you so much!! Get Andy to get that computer hooked back up pronto!!!! Good luck and get back online real soon!!!!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  3. Good luck with your move chaz
  4. hope your move goes smoothly and u get back online soon. :tup:
  5. Hurry back :crybaby:. Good luck hun, hope everything goes smoothly.
  6. Chaz, hope it all goes really well and don't stay away too long! We're going to miss you. I'm sure you'll let Andy know that getting back to the Mulberry gang is a top priority!!! Lol. xx
  7. Best of luck Chaz. Tell Andy to pack the computer last and to unpack it first thing.
  8. I'll miss your good cheer Chaz! Good luck with the move!!! And...I'll see you on the Pomellato (heh heh - I found you!) thread in the future! ENJOY YOUR WONDERFUL NEW HOME.
  9. Chaz, all the best with the move and thanks for your help!!
  10. Good luck to you Chaz. Hope that it all goes smoothly!
  11. see you soon chaz!
  12. :drinks:Hurry back Chaz!!!
  13. Aww! Good luck with the move Chaz! :smile:
  14. Happy move and come back soon!
  15. Good luck with the move, Chaz. You'll be missed on here!