Mulberry girls are all alike

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  1. I was at work today when one ot the consults came to my desk to ask some questions. She saw my Mabel and beginned to ask if it was a Mulberry and started to talk about this years sale.

    I confessed that I was somewhat addicitd to mulberrys and it turns out she is too. She ran two stairs down and collected her bag to show me.
    It was a well used Oak Elgin, with beautiful ageing. :drool:

    We chatted for a long time and since we work in an open space landscape there was a lot of funny looks from the people around I can tell you.

    But now I am in love with Elgin, HELP. I don't need another oak bag, and not another heavy bag, but I am in serious love:heart::heart::heart:
  2. It's great to have people around you that share the love for mulberry. I had a similar experience at my holiday job - the secretary of the CEO turned out to have a black bayswater and came running after me when she saw me with my choc one. We chatted for a while and checked out mulberry's website. Oh how I lusted after a black bays afterwards! But that feeling of want will pass after a few months, when common sense wins it from desire :graucho:
  3. i know exactly what you mean salikons - as soon as i see someone elses mulberry i rush back and check it out online and lust after it for a few weeks. I do it with Roxanne all the time - but i really know that Roxanne is just not for me..... we are all the same!!
  4. Salikons, I have the Elgin in Chocolate, just got her after Christmas. So, I can understand your lust. I love this bag and she returns the favor by being such a well behaved handbag. No issues, no drama just there by my side holding my valuables. I love her. :heart: Unfortunately for me, I have never, ever run across anyone over here in Mulberryless Land with any Mulberry bag!:crybaby:
  5. Not many Mulberry lovers at this side of the Northsea either, hardly ever spot one and if I do its mostly fakes. But I do not need to see a bag IRL to lust after it, a picture will do the trick very nicely!!
  6. Oh, I wish I bumped into someone at work with a Mulberry. The nearest excitement I got was when I saw a fellow secretary with a 'Mulberry' only to get closer and realize it was fake. She immediately said it was a replica, but now wants to find a real one now she's seen the quality of my choc Rosemary.
  7. I've never seen an Elgin in real life, I can understand your pain though Salikons - now are you going to return the favour of your colleague and try and enable her with showing her some of your bays or mabels?


    Now here's a strange one, DH is also well trained to spot Mulberry's, and he was walking along the street with a work colleague and spotted an oak bayswater, he was so proud of himself he turned to his colleague to tell him 'look its an oak bayswater', then caught himself just in time lol
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Very well trained MC!!
  9. I got talking to a really sweet mum at school. She told me that she couldn't stop hugging her Martha.
  10. Mapel: Yepp we hade already made plans, we are going to take different bags to work for next week and look at each others. It is going to be great fun!
    I am sure she will have a oak bays by the end of winter, no one resists seeing an oak bays and not wanting one
  11. Oh dont tell me that, it will make me not want to part with mine :sweatdrop: but it is so heavy, it really is.... (or maybe Im just a wuss :nuts:)
  12. Hula, get yourself some weights, and keep that Elgin! :yes: I am a weakling but i don't have any problem at all with Elgin because I think the weight of the bag is very evenly distributed, if that makes any sense. No falling straps, no aching shoulder, I think this is probably the easiest to carry of all of my "girls".
  13. Oh dear, Maple ... I almost hope you never see one ... for some reason I think you would love it :shrugs:

    Whenever I see one I absolutely stare. It's soo beautiul but unfortunately not a me-bag. I wish, though.
  14. Maple, I really can't believe I have an Elgin, as I never in a million years thought i would get one, new at that!!! It is such a beautiful bag, yet quite simple. When I love a bag, I really love it. I think I might have to resurrect the "Open Letter to" thread, and write a love letter to her!!:roflmfao:
  15. Ladies don't shoot me, I don't know much about this bag, it's a tote no?

    Hi Livia, are they quite common in DK, I have never seen one - or maybe just never noticed it, had to go on the internet to see what it looked like.

    Hi Mombug, congratulations hon - what colour did you go for? Have you done modelling pictures?