Mulberry Gal: Who's the type?

  1. Hi, I'm just wondering if there's a "Mulberry type"? What other bags do Mulberry gals have? What do Mulberry gals wear? Classic or eclectic?
    I'm asking because I'm trying to add Mulberry into my life. I love the way the bags look. But they are clunky bags, it seems to me, who appeal to a certain kind of gal. I happen to have a very eclectic collection of handbags. So I'm thinking we Mulberry fans have to be "special." Why are you attracted to Mulberry and what other bags do you like? :idea:
  2. Further thoughts. Are we Mulberry users, "Kate Moss" fashion rebels? "Bad girls" who want high style? Iconoclastic types, nonconformists, trend setters...? Just a thought. I am definitely a make my own style type of woman. You?
    My handbags are a varied lot: Gryson, a Celine, Burberry, LV, Fendi, Hogan, Tods. I am not brand loyal. I go with what I like.
  3. i just recently began lusting after a bayswater after wanting something classic in my life...i have a LV tango, an LV speedy 30, a MJ stam, two ysl nadja's and various longchamps, banana republic, and italian made bags....

    i find my clothes vary from gothic to vintage pin-up to al-naturale french type dressing, with a fondness for earthtones, jewel tones, anything saffron, and lots of black/white/grey. I adore boots, vintage dresses and have a jacket fetish.

    the thing that really appeals to me with the mulberry bayswater bag (being specific here) is that it is a bit out of the norm, as it is genuinely classic with no hints of branding, excess, etc....

    i really enjoy the fact it is a classic shape, even though it is close to hermes, it is overall a basic functional tote. I love the leather that softens with age (perhaps the vintage freak in me) yet the classic shape (which would allow me to pull my wardrobe together despite whatever i may be wearing) and the utilitarian aspect that it is a practical size and shape.

    i haven't really looked into other bags from mulberry, and my love for it is new...but im sure there's something there in the edgy-classic shapes of their bags and craftsmanshp that appeals to the eclectics out there :flower:
  4. I wouldn't say I have a 'style' as such. For casual wear, I live in quirky tees, jeans, Converse and jackets. I like dresses with flat boots. I am thinking along the lines of long cardis with skinny jeans and boots for the autumn.

    I like Mulberry bags because they are well made and are not heavily branded, although they are recognisable. I have a few Mulberry bags, but no bags by other designers. I'd love a Bal City but I don't have the funds.

    I am lusting after a Bayswater next because I like the plain design - it would look good with my casual style, adding a chic finish to my scruffiness!
  5. I'm a sad person , just Mulberry here , nothing else !
  6. I'm a married mum of three and work as a veterinary surgeon. No 'style' as such, tend to like jeans with polo neck jumpers, skirts with boots in earthy tones (browns, black, burgundy, dark green)etc - I buy a lot from Boden currently so that gives you an idea. Not into high fashion, shoes, make-up etc. Just a simple country girl with a love of gorgeous well-made leather bags! Only have a couple of designer bags and they are both Mulberry ( Annie and Antony), I love the chocolate and oak darwin leather -bayswater is next on my wish-list!
  7. I think wearing Mulberry states that quality and craftsmanship is the most important to you. The bags are stylish but still they last for ages. My oldest one is about 20 yers old and still going strong (bucket style black scotshgrain). I don't have a specific style but it can be describes as kind of classic-casual if that makes sense to you...
  8. I am amost exactly like this too. :wtf:
    Replace skinny jeans with straight jeans or wide-legged trousers, add a scarf and ballet flats and that's me. Would love a Balenciaga bag too.
  9. I've been a Mulberry gal for about 20 years.
    I'd say I'm fairly classic - lots of black, cream, brown, navy and red in my wardrobe. I live in boots, cashmere jumpers and skirts in the winter and linen in the summer.
    I hate frills and flounces and there are a few pieces from Monsoon and Boden in my wardrobe!
    Bag-wise, I'm a mixer. I've Chloe, Prada, Miu Miu, LV, and Mulberry. Strangely though, I've never liked Mulberry's most popular bags - the Roxanne never did it for me and I don't have a Bayswater. I've always gone for their more under the radar bags such as the Soho.
    Lifestyle-wise, I'm in my 40s, drive a Mini Cooper convertible, adore France, love winter and log fires, Cath Kidston prints and shopping in Bath. Mulberry definitely does it for me!
  10. Ha! I'm also pretty similar, but I'm usually in a quirky t-shirt and bootcut jeans. What drew me to Mulberry was their timeless style, and the way they design their bags to improve with age. It doesn't hurt that a Bayswater adds a bit of glamour to a pretty basic outfit.

    I do venture over to the Balenciaga forum to catch a glimpse of up-to-the-minute style.
  11. Oh yes, i drive a mini too ( green with white stripes) !!

  12. Yay! Mine is hot orange with black roof and black leather interior - and Mulberry bag slung on the passenger seat!
  13. I am a city woman suits and classy dresses in the week. I tend to mix and match jeans and casual dresses at the weekend. I adore Mulberry but also own Gucci, Prada and Coccinelle bags. Would never buy a Louis Vuitton bag.
  14. Two Mulberry Blenheims (oak and canvas )
    Brown Scotchgrain Boston.
  15. You all sound just like me, I think I love them because they are typically British, they are tough, generally plain yet beautiful at the same time and scream quality. I've always felt as though they are a 'grown ups' handbag as opposed to the little girly frilly over the top types. :cutesy:

    Plus as our weather so awful, from day to day the chunky leather goes so well with robust clothing, I also like the way only other Mulberry fans generally recognise what you have unlike a lot of other designer bags where everyone knows immediately :graucho: