Mulberry Fun-Only one Mulberry?

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  1. Ok abit of Sunday Morning fun :P. If for some reason (lack of funds, house fire, trip someone exciitng with limited packing space) you could only have one Mulberry:wtf: which bag would it be and in what colour?

    Can u give a reason?

    Ok I'll go first- It would be my Oak Bayswater :heart:. I think it holds a good amount (incuding A4) so is practical, and I think its soooo pretty.

    Who wants to go next?
  2. Oddly enough,my stone Alfie,its a cross body bag,so easy to carry,holds lots and the color goes with loads of stuff.
  3. Oh did u have a pic?
  4. Ledbury!
  5. Navy pleated Poppy as it's easy to carry, lightweight, the colour goes with everything and it was a rare find ;)
  6. Oak Roxy. That was my first Mulberry bag, after two years I still think she's fantastic.
  7. Black goat skin Mabel :yes:
  8. seville jody!
  9. Choc Bayswater :biggrin:
  10. PMSL I sooo cannot answer this one!!

    I am torn between black poppy and aqua mabel.

    Black poppy because - I just love black and the style is sooo me. She also holds loads and is easy to use.

    Aqua mabel - gorgeous colour that goes with most (including black). can be a casual or dressy bag and looks great with jeans.

    hmmm .. what a choice!
  11. I tried to answer this but my head just start spinning at the thought...
    Ok, if I really had to choose just one I think it is chocolate Roxy!
    Arrrghhh, horrible ;).
  12. ^^^ my head is spinning, can't pick one, can I have 3???
  13. No, Flyvetjo ... it said one! Otherwise it really isn't fair :roflmfao:
  14. Black Poppy
  15. The rules say one :supacool:, but if you are having that hard a time tell gus the three and we may be ale to help u pick THE one??:yes: