Mulberry - frost factor 10


Jun 14, 2009
Did anyone see this article in the Mail today? About the reaction from designer store sales assistants if you ask for clothes in a bigger size, etc. Some of the questions. like asking for a discount and where Primark is, are clearly to provide a reportable reaction but some of it is interesting. This is what was said about Mulberry:

Mulberry staff are famed on online forums for being snooty and unhelpful, and I understand why as soon as I walk through the door when a male assistant looks at me as though I’ve just trodden in dog mess. Inside, everyone is fussing around a group of Chinese customers who appear to be buying by the rail. I, meanwhile, am ignored.

While the website claims clothes come in sizes small, medium and large, the small looks as though it might fit a Barbie doll, medium a Barbie that’s let herself go, and there are no large sizes on display at all.

No wonder the unfriendly male assistant looks aghast when I ask for a 16. Their biggest size, he says, is a 12-14 and even that, apparently, comes up small.

When I say nothing will probably fit me, he agrees bluntly: ‘No, probably not.’

Nevertheless, I ask to try on a £1,900 cream raincoat that’s far too tight for me.

He refuses to take my photo in the article (‘we don’t allow photography’, so my picture here is taken outside the shop) or give me a discount, and my request to use the lavatory is declined as, apparently, it’s mysteriously ‘not available at this time’.

I don’t hold out much hope when I ask for the nearest Primark and, sure enough, the sales assistant has ‘absolutely no idea’, even though we’re only a five-minute stroll from one of the UK’s biggest branches.

Frost Factor: 10

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Aug 4, 2013
Co. Antrim.
To be fair, the store I used to work in also had a strict 'no customer use of staff loo' because it was reached via our staff room where we hung our own coats and bags (Mulberry in my case) There is no way I'd have wanted random strangers to have access.
I'd never ask another store where Primark was :lol:
I do think she was deliberately trying to provoke a frosty response, well done to the SAs who were friendly and helpful though.
It's yet more negative press for Mulberry, they need to get their act together.
Jul 9, 2009
Tbh I'm not sure that is bad publicity for mulberry if they want to be thought of in the same breath as the elite brands who are snooty's exactly what they are striving for exclusivity and cutting out the riff like me..which they have done over the last few years anyway
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Jun 20, 2012
When I went to Mulberry looking for my second bag, even though I wasn't going to buy anything (and I said that to the SA) they were more than happy to help me out and were vey helpful


Jan 6, 2012
Brooklyn, NY
I have had both good and bag some one lady I talked to on the phone talked to me like a I was crazy and just calling to call a high end brand (like I have the time for that lol) but most of the people I work with are very sweet :/


Apr 16, 2011
I have always had positive experiences buying Mulberry (not something I do often these days as I tend to purchase preloved rather than new, thanks to the now obscene prices!). The sales assistants have always been nothing but friendly and helpful to me both instore and over the phone.


Jun 17, 2013
I've always had good experiences when buying in store, the sales assistants have always been helpful to me, they have been over the phone aswell


Feb 3, 2013
Mixed bag for me

Coventry Garden amazing especially Khalil

Bicester Village amazing both on the phone and in store

Bond Street - rather snooty, looked at me like I was poop on their shoes. Found it intimidating to be honest, 3 women all looked down their noses at me

Westfield - one good SA and one poor one

Bentalls Kingston attentive but clueless

Outlets seem to win hands down when you can get hold of them that is


Jul 24, 2013
When buying my experiences have been good..

My local hof really lovely girls!
Bicester amazing! Becky especially!
All other outlets lovely as well (on phone)

Westfield white city- one assistant on floor said am i ok- after about 10 minuets- even though I was looking at all bags and carrying an Alexa! And 2 male assistants by the counter didn't even look at us-- me and my other half and baby they were really busy folding carrier bags and no1 else in the shop! Next time I will probably say something if they look at me in any way old fashioned!
Aug 4, 2013
Co. Antrim.
As I've gotten older I have absolutely no qualms about demanding attention from SA's and I have done so in the past. Maybe because I worked in retail for 9 years I now take no prisoners.
If SA's ignore one of us who's already carrying a M then there's no hope for anyone else :wtf:


Nov 2, 2010
One person is St Christophers' Place is great, knows her stuff, leathers and the past, the others recently have been new and not too clued up on the products but we all have to start somewhere and they were polite and smiley.
Bond Street - Last time i walked into Bond Street i wanted to tell one SA that i would accept the look she just gave me if she was better dressed than me and the hem on her trousers wasnt hanging down and looked like she had been wearing them all week and paid FULL PRICE for the bags.
HOF Oxford Street i think are lovely so far.
Brompton Road looks like an undertakers so have never been tempted.
Selfridges are ok now but originally very frosty and their behaviour was like they were on day release from The Priory.


Jul 30, 2012
UK South East Coast
Bond Street - rather snooty, looked at me like I was poop on their shoes. Found it intimidating to be honest, 3 women all looked down their noses at me
I haven't been in many Mulberry stores but definitely experienced very snooty, unhelpful staff in Bond Street but having said that LV in Bond Street were far, far was a true effort to get served and I had actually intended to buy, walked out in the end

Always found Mulberry staff everywhere else enormously patient, helpful and prepared to give me plenty of time when I have phoned. Also as mentioned the Outlet staff are excellent

Another interesting article in the Standard, it says that some see Bruno as a "dead man walking"!
OMG That explains why the board are sticking with Bruno. I didn't realise his wife's family are 56% shareholders