Mulberry from NM the book

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  1. I've been playing with my scanner and thought I would post some pics to tPF. This picture is in Neiman Marcus the Book Sept 2006.

    Mulberry chocolate/oak (shown) or cognac/almond calfskin $1395.
  2. Thanks Max! Very tempting...
    Hey, if you have the time, can you post the Gerard Darel patent bag? I'm dying to see it. TIA!
  3. Is it in the NM book? I think it may be in their supplement called The Addition. I will try tonight. Also, Max is my son's name - I'm a female. I always wonder if people think I am a male by my user name!
  4. Thanks! :flowers: Just so you know, I didn't think you were male. :smile: I have a friend named Maxine and she goes by Max. :supacool:
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