Mulberry for the home

  1. Hey ladies,

    Has anyone seen the Mulberry Home products??? I am loving that Tartan lambswool blanket. I think it would look lovely on my DH as he is always freezing in the house, since I've gone in the the never never land of hot flashes!!! What do you think and do they ever go on sale????? Thanks and happy Friday!!!
  2. Yep the whole range is great , also the clothes range is fab , but £1000 for a coat , £500 for bag the list goes on................
    I`m afriad I have to draw the line somewhere , wish I could do it all , but I can`t .

    P.S , Time I get around to buying the shoes its primark!!!(yuk only kidding!!!)

    Anyone who`s not U.K based Primark is a really cheap budget store nation wide!!
  3. I would guess that the blanket is verrrrry expensive!!! But i can still dream.
  4. They used to have the home range at the outlet near me and there were some gorgeous pieces. They still have the leather floor cushions which are absolutely massive but really covetable.
    I don't think the home stuff can have sold that well as it's disappeared from Shepton. I never venture into the clothes as it's all a bit 'county' for me and blooming expensive.