mulberry for giles

does anyone have any pictures of the bags?

all I have seen of the bag collection is from giles' runway pictures @ British Vogue Fashion Shows.

the collection of 8 bags is described as retro-futuristic - a huge theme for spring-summer 2007 (as seen as balenciaga).

apparently these collaborative bags are currently being sold at the mulberry on bleecker st in nyc.

can anyone confirm this?

I'm going to be in nyc after new year's day, and will probably check out the store. I'm curious to see this collection!

Looking for these?




These are from the spring accessories report.
holy CRAP! the last bag pictured is particularly scary looking. I have the red clutch pictured in black, and I find that it's really versatile and chic! I'm not sure that I can say the same for the rest of the collection, but it was an interesting collaboration nonetheless. : )
I find the keyring particularly frightening , did you hear about the lady with the keyring on a airline flight , the customs officers took it off her , saying it was a danger ! I am serious , it was all over our papers , the keyring then sold out across Mulberry stores here in the U.K !