Mulberry fits the guy too...

  1. Hi all, just want to say that it's great to see that Mulberry is finally getting the attention from it's followers; I have a Mulberry Alfie which I have gotten from Selfridges in London last year and I must admit, as a guy, I have only been getting compliments about this gorgeous bag from both sexes, which I have been carrying around for the past 12 months. In fact, some of my friends are even thinking of getting a Mulberry (instead of the now-way-overly-commercialised-a-certain-brand) for themselves and even their boyfriends!

    Sadly, it'll be better if they actually provide lining for the interior of the bags.
  2. Hi!!! I have been given a reason that makes sense for the no lining issue,the darwin leather is so sturdy it does'nt need one to help retain the bags shape when you put stuff in it,I looked at a Hanover recently that is of a much,much softer leather and that has a lining in it,makes sense to me,I suppose you just have to be careful that you don't put a leaky pen in it!!

    And,a bit off topic why not put a pic of you and your Alfie on our modelling thread? Would be nice to see a Mulberry on a guy,and for some ladies who are contemplating a bag for other halves,husbands etc it would be really useful!!! In fact I'm fed up with buying nice pens and cufflinks for my husband,how many Dunhill and Mont Blanc cufflinks can I keep giving him,he's got about 7 pairs in total now!!! So having a look at your bag may be an interesting alternative!! Plus he would'nt be able to keep moaning about all my bags!!!
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  4. Hi, since the Alfie has now been discontinued...I am attaching 2 photos of this lovely bag which I think Mulberry should re-issue! It's totally functional and I love the two side compartments - perfect for slotting in my key pouch in one and a pack of tissues in the other!
    DSC00447.JPG DSC00451.JPG
  5. That is gorgeous!!! Does it hold a laptop??( May have a hunt through the outlets and see if I could turn one up!!) Post these pics on our photo ref thread at the top!! But anyway,lovely color,I hope they have'nt discontinued it too long ago,I would seriously be interested in getting Andy one... more questions,is it the thick darwin leather? Does it have any separators inside,or is it just one big space? I really do think thats gorgeous!!

    Ps,whats that color?? That really complements the shape and everything about it I think,not sure it would look quite as nice in black or chocolate....................
  6. hi chaz, i got the Alfie in December 2006 (yes, it's that long ago...haha), and there are times i will bring it as a school sling. Laptop wise, it can't fit anything larger than a 12 inch lappie (mine's that size so I have no problems) and the interior is one big space, which sometimes can make searching for things a hassle. But I can usually throw in a sweater, a bottle of water, an umbrella (I am from Singapore so water and umbrella are essentials), and still have space for some books.

    I have been checking the Mulberry website and just discovered a really lovely briefcase that comes with detachable sling straps, so maybe you'll wanna consider getting one of those for your husband? I remember one of it comes with a padded laptop compartment, but i can't recall the name.
  7. Hi Gerald --- Great bag and nice to have a guy around!! You will have to keep us in line as we tend to get carried away and a little nutty!! Especially Chaz.... hahahahaha

    Anyway, a big welcome to the group!!
  8. Thank you,I'll have a look at the new one,but I have to say I think that yours is paticularly lovely,has a nice urban look to it that can go formal or a little more casual.I will have a quick nose about the outlets over here(UK) as I think thats a bit too nice to pass up!! I'm used to the one big space inside as I've got a couple of Mulberries that are the same,Andy has had to fish about in them from time to time and never complained (but he is a very uncomplicated and unfussy person!) so I don't think that would be a problem for him!!!

    And yes Kroquets right,I am a bit of a lunatic,and will have a go at baiting anyone into a playful banter!! So you will have to excuse me!!!(and apologies in advance! just in case!)
  9. Hey have you not read some of the other designer threads ! Ours is quite tame compaired to some of them.
    Anyway it would be quite dull and boring without having a " nutty" moment now and then :dothewave:.

    :welcome:to Gerald .
  10. Hi Gerald- nice to have a bloke join us. Love your bag!!

    had a bloke in my consulting room few weeks ago with a very well loved brynmore. looked fab!
  11. Hi Gerald! Welcome!

    I like that Alfie of yours & the color is a great neutral. Wonder if the name is from the movie & song, "Alfie?"
  12. I bought a Mulberry Rockley messenger for my boyfriend for Christmas! I can't wait to give it to him. He's been a big fan of Mulberry bags (despite not being a Mulberry owner), and I knew it would be the perfect present for him this year...

    Nice to hear you still love your Alfie bag, Gerald! And, great job on converting your friends to the mulberry side :graucho:
  13. Saw some at the outlet and they were only £197!!! But Andy said he would'nt use one,oh well can spend the money on myself then!!!
  14. Welcome Gerald.
    My DH carries a tatty old document holder which I just loathe. I've tried everything to get him into a Mulberry case but he just looks at me as if I'm mad!
    I've pointed out that we spend a lot of the year in France where men carry bags without any problem but no dice!
    I think I saw Alfie at Shepton on Friday when I was looking for a messenger bag. Very Jude Law from The Holiday.....yum.
  15. Andy insists on using a knackered old lap top bag that gets on my nerves,he looked at the Alfie and straightaway said he would'nt use it,swine! But am I right that the Effie is a smaller version of the Alfie??