Mulberry Fashion Show & Event in HoF Belfast

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  1. #1 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    Just got a call from Aoife in Dundrum - she's sending out invitations to an event in Belfast for Friday 2 weeks. She says it's going to be really special :biggrin:... (This is not good news for me, having just splurged in York yesterday :nuts:) Do any of the Belfast ladies have any more details?
  2. and have you confessed all your splurge at york????? spill lady!!! Im in Belfast in March for an Elvis concert shame the timings dont work-Im sure KLP will find out for you- good old Belfast wasnt as cosmopolitian in my day!!!
  3. I would seriously consider taking the day off and going up for it. Is it the 26th though coz I'm out of the country with work that day. Oh, I hope not!
  4. Indy, is it a day-time event or evening?
    Apart from the fact that we still don't have our car back and I don't dare to hope....
  5. Elvis, I have already confessed on another thread! (And my penance will be going to Belfast & not buying anything (much)).

    Lola, it IS the 26th - how terrible! Obviously you will just have to change your work plans...

    Aoife said it would be a really big deal, launching the new ready-to-wear, major goody bags etc., and she was so excited she couldn't remember the name of the hotel! I should have asked her the time, Mssw. I would plan to go up on the train just for the day - so hopefully it would finish early enough.
  6. I haven't heard anything about this yet. Obviously not popular enough! I really, really hope it's a daytime event as DH has rehearsal and a concert from 3pm.
  7. Hmm, was sort of hoping for an evening holidays for this year have already been seriously dented to accommodate DH's projects...

    klp - I'll give you a hand with Miss M if it's later in the day. Might bring one of mine to keep her company :lol: DD1 loves to fuss over young children - as long as it's NOT her sister LOL
  8. I hope to go too...!
  9. As far as I know it will be a daytime event. Aoife wasn't sure. Hoping to go along too.
  10. Oh for flip's sake! I would love to have gone. No way I can get out of this work thing though.

    Hope you have a lovely time girls. I like the sound of "goody bags".

    No chance of them doing something in Dublin?
  11. Oooh! I want to go. im on the mailing list in Belfast so will post here if I hear anything
  12. Thanks hon! The last event they invited me to started at 2:30pm. Stupid time for people with children!
  13. Oh this sounds good...Maybe we should all go together....!
  14. I heard that its in the new Fitzwilliam hotel. Dont know what time it starts but it goes on till 7. I only know this via a friend who is also on mailing list. They haven't phoned me, huh, but Im going as her plus 1 anyway
  15. Ooooh, that's great to at least have a venue, sjmidd. Details have been pretty thin on the ground here in Dublin, and no sign of any gilt-edged envelopes in the post yet either... Off now to look at the train timetable!