Mulberry. Fake or Authentic?

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  1. Have you got anywhere where you can go and look at these bags IRL to get an idea of size and what you really want. i saw a man with a piccadily and it was huge!
    On the piccies I can't understand why the base of the bag is darker then the sides - I think it should all be the same colour as it is just the sueded side of the leather. There are so many fakes on e-bay if you can afford it I would get one from a reputable store and actually try the bag on before you buy!
  2. No, here where I live we dont have any of those kind of stores. And I miss it soooo much.
    And I know they dont have the Bayswater bag in the store in Copenhagen, not the last time I was there. :tdown:

    Maybe I should just find another bag. Im just really in to this kind of design.:cursing:

    But thank you for all of your time, very kind!
    I will keep my money, and then take a look ind the stores in CPH next time im there.
  3. Both bags are fake Glad you didn't go for the tooled Bayswater the pictures are even that of a several fake websites , post anymore bags you need authenticating but i can tell you on Ebay UK at the moment there are only very few genuine Mulberry handbags so please do not bid before checking.
  4. The last bag wash from a swedish page, but the price was always extremly cheap..
    But thank you for your answer..

    Im glad i found this page, so you can help me, because I can't see if the bag is fake or not, so thats nice to have this place.

    After talking with a friend, I have decieded that I will find me a Bayswater, I think the size is OK for a laptop, some books etc. for school.
    But they dont have it in the store here in DK. :sad:
  5. What colour do you want the most? What is your budget in £ and i will have a look at Ebay for you and see if there is a genuine bag
  6. you can buy the authentic one from their site which has online shopping, although I don't think they the tooled bayswater anymore

    I have inspected the tooled bayswater very well when I was in the Uk as i really wanted to buy it...I think the one in the auction was fake.
  7. Mmmm... There's two colours; Chocolat or the one i oak(is that what its called)?
    My budget is max. 360£, if I can find the rest of the monye, right now I only have about 178£ :rolleyes: And you dont get much Mulberry for 178£ :P

    But I would be very happy for your help. Very- very sweet of you.
  8. It's also a very beautiful bag I think. But no, they don't have it for sale in their online shop. :smile:
  9. I was also looking for a school bag that would fit a laptop and at least one larger book, and the bayswater was definitely too small (my laptop is 13"). I've never seen the Piccadilly, but I've just bought a Rebecca Minkoff tote for this purpose instead. You can order with the info here:

    The tote is only $300, which is an awesome deal. I've seen it in person and it's lovely. :yes:
  10. Take a look at this 160123575716 :smile:
  11. Huh? :sweatdrop:
  12. Now I found it. :P

    I have looked at it actually, but I dont know because of the scratch. Is so... Huge? It just catch my eye.. Hmmm..
  13. How about Net a Porter? they ship worldwide. Or, I dont know whether the MUlberry Factory shops ship outside the Uk, but maybe you could give them a call and see? I know someone on here got a Bayswater recently from one of the factory shops for a very good price.
  14. I hope its not too late. I don't think it's real. Something about the look of the leather and the Mulberry tag and the key thingy. This is in regards to the OP.
  15. :tup:I agree, I don't think either are real. So sad that they are noe faking Mulberry too!!! Ugh!:cursing: