Mulberry. Fake or Authentic?

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  1. I have fallen in love with this Mulberry bag, but I need your help to tell me if it is the real thing or a fake?

    It will be the first time I buy a Mulberry bag, so I wont buy a fake just becuase i cant see the difference.

    So, can anybody help me? Thank you.

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  2. And i would be happy for a fast answer, because the auction ends tomorrow.. :biggrin:
  3. What's their feedback like, is it paypal? reason i ask is that i got conned on e-bay with a fake Mulberry and wasn't even sent the same colour bag as the one in the auction pictures!!!
    I've never seen this bag IRL so can't comment on authenticity from the piccies but I'm sure others will be able to help. Good luck
  4. The seller has written:

    We guaruntee complete customer satisfaction, if a customer is unhappy with an item, they can get a refund or exchange is they email us within 24hrs. Failure to do so will result in no refund!!

    And wants to be payed via paypall, if thats what you mean?:shame:
  5. You're pretty safe if you pay with paypal should there be a dispute or query over authenticity ie you should be able to get your money back. What's their feedback like?
    Hopefully someone will see this thread and comment on the photo's for you!
  6. Oh im such great doubt right now. It's ending in a few hours, but I can't decide if I should or shouldn't.

    I haven't talked with the seller, because I didn't knew if I was interested, so..

    Their feedback is 50 to 99?? What does that mean?
    "Check the seller's reputation
    Score: 78 | 100% Positive"
  7. can you post a link to the auction?
  8. Something is fishy about this...she sold an identical one here and got positive fb for it. No mention of a return:

    I also have a problem with a seller using keywords like BNWT and then admitting in the auction that it has been "used a little." That is NOT BNWT.

    Why, if positive fb, did the previous buyer return the item? Or how in the heck did she get two identical items, both "used a little?"

    You don't have enough Paypal only covers up to 150.00. Price is already over that.

    Sorry, for my money, it's not worth the risk with so many weird things going on.
  9. Thank you very much.

    I have decided not to buy the bag. I would rather by a new one from the store, then I know that it is not a fake. ;)
  10. It will be better like this...
  11. yes, seems very odd - why would someone have 2 tooled oak bayswaters both for sale with tags in their private collection!!!!?
  12. How about this Mulberry Piccadilly bag?

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  13. more piccies? Piccadily is bigger than bayswater, what do you want the bag for, everyday? weekend bag?
  14. I have attached the pics that seller has given me..

    I want to use it for school mostly, books, papir, computer etc. And i like my bag big, and I have been told that Bayswater perhaps is too small for school use? :confused1:

    I always fill up my bags with most weird stuff, so.. But im in big doubt right now what kind of bag that would be right for me..

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