Mulberry Factory Shop

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  1. Hi

    I am on my first venture to the factory shop in Shepton Mallet this weekend and would like to hear about other peoples visits and buys from here. Is there a lot of stock?

    I am travelling 400 miles there and back and hopefully I won't come back empty handed! Someone in a review has mentioned there is a nice cafe with cakes?!
  2. Hi Steph,
    Myself and four other girls who live in Ireland went over to Shepton Mallet in April. 400 miles doesn't seem so mad now does it?
    We had a great time together and we definitely picked up some bargains. There was a damaged table there on the day with some brilliant bargains. I came home with an Oak Roxanne, a Black Mabel Hobo and a Black Warren travel bag for my dh. All the other girls bought bags as well.
    I think it can be pot luck what is available in the outlets but I believe that as SM is the factory shop it usually has good stock.
    And yes, the cakes were good!
    Why don't you ring them on Friday and ask them what's in stock? They may hold something if you are interested in it. Do you have any idea what you are looking for?
  3. Good luck Steph - I was there this time last week & was a bit disappointed to be honest - I was looking for small leathers & just out of luck I guess, I know outlets can be pot luck so it just wasn't my day. There were some lovely bags to be had if they were what you were looking for but I didn't see anything resembling a 'damaged' table. None of the new range is filtering through yet.... I agree with Lola & give them a call if you're after something specific.
    Didn't even get to sample the cakes as I spent too long dithering about what not to buy!
    On the other hand, I'd have come away with quite a few things if my lottery numbers had come up last weekend! :biggrin:
  4. i love shepton mallet. i try not to go there to often as i get a bit bored of the stock thats there. but for someone thats never been its great, i would give them a calland see what they have in at the moment, they get a new delivery thursdays and somtimes they then put out a damaged table which is full of cheap treats!
    there is a lovely little lady who sells cakes and hot drinks. i tend to have a wonder round then grab a cup of tea and the have a nother look round :smile:
  5. i hope you get something great! Have fun!
  6. Oooh can't help with advice... but hope you have a good run and pick up some goodies!
  7. I went yesterday.

    What are you looking for? When I've been before they've had loads of bays, but they had hardly any in at all this time.

    They did have alexa clutches in the pink & brown leopard & a nude ruby bays & the plonge lambskin alexa clutch & also the bays clutch & bays with the rose gold hardware & studs. These are gorgeous but pricey.

    They had quite a few bays clutch.

    There was no damaged table.

    It all changes though, so may be different this weekend.

    Clarkes village is nearby (in street, maybe 15 mins away) & they have an osprey shop. Whilst not mulberries, they have some nice bags & that is where I bought my evening bag, just for £40 :biggrin: also at clarkes village they have loads of other shops so maybe combine the 2 shopping experiences?

    Hope you have a lovely time

  8. Thanks all.

    I'm not looking for anything particular just if I see something I like. I saw a post on here from someone who managed to get a nude Neely but I rang up and they said they haven't got any current season stock or damages just past season which includes the bright coloured alexa/bay clutches.

    Hopefully it will be a nice trip out anyway and I might be lucky with something I like!