Mulberry factory shop sale!

  1. Mulberry's factory shop at Shepton Mallet has its sale this month. It starts on Thursday June 21 and there's an extra 10 per cent off sale prices only on that day.
  2. Sounds marvelous! I am really hot for a snakeskin bayswater. Hope you Brits enjoy it while I remain drooling stateside.
  3. Wow, not fair, I'd love a Bayswater in Kenya. Enjoy the sale!
  4. Thanks.
    But I can not reach it :sad:
  5. Not fair! Not one bit! :rant:
  6. Would they ship outside of the UK ?
  7. Does anyone know which styles are in the sale?
  8. They usually have masses in the sale and there is always a section of bags from previous collections. There will be bayswaters, Emmys, Alanas, Sohos etc - all the current collection will be there.
    The summer sale is always worth a rummage as they seem to find bags from all over the place and you can pick up some great bargains.
    They do mail out so it's worth contacting them - not sure if they do international mail.
  9. Thanks for this sarajane... Im soooo tempted! I would love a smaller bag, perhaps a blenheim, what do others think of this style?

    I'd really like either chocolate or olive but lavendar is also appealing to me!

    Do you know what the reductions are like in the sale?
  10. oh I really want to get a blenheim - my next purchase I think... I am sooooooo poor at the moment though, maybe I can convince my mother to buy me one when my degree results come out... :smile:
  11. You England ladies enjoy the sale...something we in the rest of the world cannot do!!!
  12. That is a very good idea skibunny! I dont think it would work for me though (my mum would be horrified!)

    Im thinking of either an apple or chocolate blenheim now...
  13. ooooooh I love the apple, my roxanne is in apple and its gorgeous! I think I'm going to opt for the chocolate in the blenheim though, so beautiful!
  14. I really shouldnt be buying any more bags :nogood:

    I *might* phone up on thursday though and see if the blenheims have gone in the sale.... :yes:
  15. I wish I lived in the UK :crybaby: