Mulberry Experts: Tooled Bayswater real or fake?

  1. Does anyone know?
  2. i've never seen a lock on a bayswater so i'd hazard a guess that it's fake. the white stitching doesn't look very mulberry-esque either.
  3. ^ Actually my [normal] Bayswater came with a padlock and a set of keys like the pic and it's from their shop in Bond Street...

    But I'm going to say it's a fake because the lock is giving it away; the U-bit of the lock (I'm stupid and don't know the name) is supposed to be of the same brass colour for Tooled and Patchwork as the padlock and the logo on the padlock itself is too shallow even for the normal Bayswater logo.
  4. I am going to say fake aswell. I am looking at my (normal bayswater) and there are a few things that look off - for example the postmans lock plate and also the cover for the keys. I am not an expert but comparing with mine I am just not sure - sorry:flowers:
  5. Thanks a lot everyone. I've decided not to risk it. Thanks for saving me from a potential fake :smile:

  6. ooooh they hang off the handle don't they? doh, i forgot about that.. i've never seen it actually "on" so i forgot about them :shame:
  7. Actually the locking mechanism (silver) is a different color than the lock body (brass) Here are some comparo pics of a real tooled Bayswater (in black):




    I think that bag might have been real.
  8. Did you see this auction? 290040641902
  9. Doh, you caught me out here :Push:. But seriously, I bought an Oak Tooled one [as a present] during the summer and the lock was all brass. If you look up at Net-à-Porter, it's also all brass.

    But I still insist it's a fake and taking evidence from your pic in comparison to the eBay pic, you can see that the brass colour on the lock is different to the hardware on the bag in eBay pic (seriously shiny; definitely not due to irregular lighting and mine was not that shiny when it was new) but in your pic, it looks the same.

    I am drawing my conclusion (irrespective of other ladies' opinions):
    1) The bag is real and the lock is fake. :confused1:
    2) The bag is fake and the lock is fake.

    I think either way it comes down to having part of it being fake or whole of it being fake.

    P.S. What's wrong with your inner zipper with the white thingy covering it?