Mulberry experts - please help find name of bag Ive purchased

  1. Hello Mulberry experts

    Ive just bought a Mulberry bag and I cannot find the name of it. It is a shoulder bag, medium sized with very soft slouchy leather and it has tassles on either side of it, hanging down. It is not the Araline but it is part of a few of the bags from a "tassley" range. I bought it on sale from the Mulberry store.

    Would anyone know the name of this bag?

    Thank you :yes:
  2. Is it the angelica?
  3. Hello thanks for this. I googled Angelica and it isnt that one.

    It just has a few tassles hanging down on the left hand size and the right hand side near where the zip starts and zip ends.

    The search continues :drool:
  4. Can you post a picture? have you tried looking through the e-bay auctions for the same bag?
  5. Would it be a hampstead?
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately I dont have my digital camera with me to take pics. I did a search on Hampstead and I think that may be the name of the type of leather that Mulberry uses occasionally.

    Ill check on eBay too. Good suggestion.

    Thanks for the help.
  7. Hampstead is a bag which looks as you describe and comes in washed nappa, however hampstead is also a type of leather using on the Joni for example. The hampstead has a product code of HH6776 416
  8. Hello, funnily enough the Hampstead was on sale together with my bag. Maybe my bag is a type of Hampstead, but there is no curly wurly pattern on it, its smaller, more hobo like and very very soft leather. It looks a bit more like the Pimlico which is on the website you gave me, but with a thicker shoulder strap. But just like the Hampstead is has long tassles on either side.

    I believe it came from a range which has a araline style bag with many extremely long tassles at the bottom of the bag, like a cowboy western style bag.

    I must go home and recheck my receipt and labels and Mulberry info just in case it says the name of the bag.

    Thanks for everyone's help
  9. I'm intrigued, let us know what it is when you find out!!!
  10. me too!
  11. Oh now you got me curious
  12. ............the Burlington?
  13. aviemore?
  14. I know this is rather obvious ... but couldn't the SAs at the Mulberry store tell you?