Mulberry Euston

  1. Last night I ordered a Mulberry Euston for causal used, even I can't wait to see it, however just wondering it's a little bit big ... does anyone think the size of euston is ok??
  2. I have been through Mulberry bags like no-ones business recently; the Euston was the one I like the looked of the most, but I returned mine (olive colour) as I didn`t gel with it ! Conversly | love the Bayswater even though I hadn`t lusted after it beforehand :huh:
    The bag isn`t as large as it appears to be, and has that handy detachable strap.
    What colour is yours ??
  3. Mine is oak, i think it's the best color in euston.

    Ya bayswater is absolutely beautiful, my first mulberry was bayswater :P
  4. I couldn`t get the oak, I bet that looks lovely. There are now four Bayswaters in my house, one will be re-sold though !
  5. Parfaitamour. 4 wow? Which colors etc Bayswater do you have? I just bought the Tooled Oak from Mulberry online yesterday on sale.

    What do you protect them with? Or you don't and are just real careful?

    Do you use them as a daily work bag?
  6. I think I may have `issues` now !

    I bought a choc/almond tooled, love that one to bits & use it a lot. Then a plain oak which I have yet to use & I`m not sure if I will keep.
    I bought 2 oak tooled from the website; will keep one & sell the other, my husband thinks I`m selling both :blink: :biggrin: .

    The oak tooled are yummy, I don`t spray anything on even though I have the Mulberry recommended spray thingy. If its raining I use my older no-brand satchel ! I find I scratch the Darwin leather with my nails anyway...!