Mulberry Euston

  1. reposting this from tfs site :amuse:

    i recently went to a local store to check out the Roxanne. They had the antique glaze in black (which was a lovely vintagey dark colour)... but the bag turned out awfully heavy and chunky. I tried wearing it on my shoulder and it felt huge under my arm... so I decided that the bag was not for me.

    I then proceeded to walk around the shop to check out the other mulberry bags and came across the new style in Euston. They had the olive one in stock. I tried it, played around with it... checked it out against my outfit (was wearing turquoise with jeans that day) AND... absolutely *LOVED* the Euston!!! [​IMG]

    My dilemma is... i just recently plonked down alot of money for a Balenciaga bag i was lusting after... me and hubby are trying hard to save a down payment on a house... BUT i am dying for this bag.

    Should I forgo all sensibilities and throw caution to the wind and give in to my desires?????
    Anyone else face the same (shallow...[​IMG]) dilemma?

    If i promised myself - not to indulge in any other big purchases after the Euston from now till we buy a house - will it justify the purchase this time round? [​IMG]
    mulberry euston olive.jpg mulberry euston front page.jpg
  2. I'm curious--how much is it?
  3. I saw the Roxanne in the black antique glace at Nordstroms a few weeks back and thought it was gorgeous.:love: I opted for oak instead. But you're right, it is quite heavy and a bit bulky. The Euston looks awfully cute too. How much smaller is it than the Roxanne?

    Also, if you're close to having enough $$ for a house, I say go for the bag. And if you can hold yourself to the promise of no new ones, then I definitely say go for it!!
  4. You have to buy it! I have a euston in dusty pink. It's the best bag I have ever had. It is a great size and the leather is soo soft :love: Go for it, im sure your husband will understand (someday:amuse: )
  5. essential - the euston cost 495 pounds (but is about AUD$1280 here in Australia)

    Miamor - yeah antique glace was really nice and i think quite unique. Have not seen the same finish on any other bags... the euston was about half the size of the roxanne in terms of length...thanks for the advice. We are quite close to saving our home deposit! I am pretty tempted now!

    ruusu - tell me more about the bag!!! :nuts: is it easy to get things in and out? And do i have to spray anything on it to protect the leather?
  6. I've been eyeing that bag too! I say get it. I love it in the pink color.:love:
  7. I vote for the unpopular opinion: Keep the money for the house. The more you put down, the less you will pay later.
  8. i'd say.. go check it out again and make sure are you really REALLy in love with it to the extend that you are crazy about it? if Yes,, then go for it.:love:
    if no.. then problem solved :nuts:
    i liked it too when i saw it on their site.. but i believe they came up with better than this one.. so i just wasnt crazy about it any more :biggrin:
  9. I'd suggest you keep the money for your house. Am willing to bet that sometime soon in the foreseeable future, there'll be another bag you'll lust for even more than the Euston:biggrin: What will you do then?
  10. heh heh - i will probably start lusting after another bag soon - you are right!!! thanks for all your advise girls! :nuts: hubby will be thanking you...& so will my wallet
  11. Any birthday, anniversary or other celebration coming up soon? Your hubby might feel better about yet another bag if it's for a special occasion, not to mention how grateful he will be when you can tell him exactly what to get and where to get solve your dilemma, and his...;)

    If not, getting a new house is defenitely something to celebrate!
  12. I didn't spray anything on the bag and it the leather looks still brand new. The shop assistant didn't say anything about spraying the bag :/. I think it's really easy to get stuff in and out of the bag. I haven't noticed anything wrong with it. I carry my schoolbooks in it and I can get them in and out easily. It also sits great on the shoulder (it doesn't slip off) It's also great to carry in hand :smile:
  13. vicky & ruusu - thanks for the feedback :smile:
  14. Thanks for posting the f/w collection. I really like the first bag.