Mulberry Emmy

  1. Anyone got the new Mulberry Emmy? I am really tempted but just wanted to see how practical it is etc
  2. no one got one at all?
  3. Sorry missb., I've seen pics of Emmy on the Mulberry web site, but haven't seen it in person. (I'm not sure its out here in the states yet.) It looks like a great bag, though. I've got Mulberry's Roxanne and love it.
  4. I've seen it in person and I don;t think its very practical. To open the bag is a bit of an obstacle in it self, from memory you have to twist to locks and from either side and then unflap it. And it is very structured and boxy. So you will only be able to wear it on the crook of elbow or hand held I think.

    But thats just my opinion - do go and have a look yourself IRL.

    Let us know what you decide!
  5. You two lucky ladies who live in London can drop by Mulberry anytime you want!
  6. I think someone got it in red in an old mulberry it bag thread.
  7. I quite like the strap arrangement, ie you can make it into a long strap also, but I think the bag might be too boxy to wear it as a messenger style?

    Yes I live about 5 mins walk from Mulberry Jill!
  8. It is indeed very boxy. I saw it a few weeks ago and contemplated buying it. I love the hardware and the view from the front. But it's too deep and like you said, boxy.
  9. This is not my favourite mulberry but I think it is better IRL then in pictures. However I had a play with one and its not for me - too busy if you know what I mean!
  10. I saw one yesterday and loved the look but it was too boxy to be practical for me. I bought the matching purse instead, it's gorgeous and very practical. Got it 20% off too, bargain! :smile:
  11. I actually find mine easy to get into. Since it is so boxy it is not at all necessary to open the flaps to the side to get a wallet, cell phone or glasses out easily. I also find I can wear it on the shoulder with the straps being short, or messender style with the straps joined together.