Mulberry Emmy

  1. I'm thinking of buying one.

    It seems a little boxy though... is it comfy to wear over the shoulder? thanks:smile:
  2. It is boxy. It's very wide under the arm. I wouldn't carry it that way...especially since the strap drop isn't very long and I have big arms. If you're tiny, you could, but then you have a WIDE bag under your armpit.
  3. When I saw it in the shop I was quite surprised by how box like it is....
  4. thank you for this... I may have to try on for size before I buy...
  5. It is a bit boxy, now that you mention it. But it is sooooo nice!!! I love mine, I have one in Oak and one in Black. :heart: I carry mine on the wrist, satchel style. Under the armpit is a bit uncomfy, but worth the discomfort IMO.