Mulberry Emmy Satchel (Black) $598 @ NM

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  1. :yahoo:Thanks so much for the scoop!! Just put my order in. Awesome price for a gorgeous bag!
  2. SH*T!!!! I've been dying to get this bag on sale!!!! I'm not a HUGE fan of it...but , know...It's "EMMY"!!!!!!!!!..Crap!!!! I forgot to check that one....Congrats mombug!!! Post pics please when you get it - K?
  3. Hi Emmy,
    I bought this bag for $399 at the NM Last Call-that included the tax. They had it in the dark brown with tan, but I bought the two tone tan Darwin leather. It's a great bag and a good buy. They had several at the NM Last Call here in Atlanta. You could try to call them. The day I bought it-they had an extra 40% off-so it was less than the one above. Good luck!:smile:
  4. Thanks Emmy, I will post pix as soon as I receive it. I am sooooo excited. I never find bargains like this!!!