Mulberry Emmy Owners, I have a Question??

  1. I was browsing around on eBay last night and looked at a couple of listings for Emmy:heart:. Both mentioned that Emmy can be worn as an across body bag. I never really thought of that and pulled mine (both of them) out. The only way to achieve this is to link both straps together and attach them to the east/west ends of the bag. I think it looked kind of strange, but I am not sure. Has anyone else carried their Emmy this way? Since I am a Mulberry newbie, I am just wondering . . . .?:confused1:
  2. :nogood: I cross the straps but not to wear accross the body :tdown: What are the links for the Emmy listings stating this?
  3. Hi Mulberrylove, I just went back into eBay to find the two listings and of course I can't locate them. They were there yesterday, but today I cannot find them, which is rather odd. I will continue to look, I may have seen them under the UK listings. If I find the links, I will post.

    Thanks for your help.:smile:
  4. I have never heard of this to be honest. Can only think the seller was confused?:confused1:
  5. saw somebody doing that the other day and it looked VERY strange !
  6. I have an Emmy that I usually bring along when traveling because I find all the small pockets useful for things like tickets and extras that I do not carry day-to-day. I sometimes then re-arrange the straps when I also need to carry luggage and want my hands free. It is a very convenient feature even if I only use it quite seldom. It fits nicely across the body messenger style even if it certainly doesn't look all that stylish, I imagine :smile:
  7. Haha - just a gimmick - never found the ability to move the handles at all useful.