Mulberry Emmy on sale NM

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  1. I don't understand how you find this -- because when I go into NM Sale, it doesn't show up. Not a single Mulberry online. Please explain how you find this. Thanks!
  2. I'm surprised too O.o
  3. Gone, gone, :crybaby:gone
  4. Call the 800 number on the site. Neimans will usually locate the item in the store and ship to you. If one is available.

    Give it a try. I've done this many times and received the item that was no longer available online.
  5. gone!
  6. Tropicalgal, since NM redesigned their website which now seems to exclude showing the sale for premier designer handbags, the only method anyone's found for locating these sale items is to save the links to each specific handbag. Even if initially it shows as not available, if NM receives a return of the item, it will be updated to show its availability, so you have to keep trying. I've bookmarked a slew of handbags, and just periodically check to see if they've become available - I've recently lucked out with this Mulberry and another Marc Jacobs handbag.

    Emmy, sorry you didn't get your namesake - you're lucky having such a beautiful bag named after you! There's a bag with my name (Deanna) made by Ghurka, but I think it's fugly!
  7. Emmy,

    Check in about a week - I am returning the one I bought last time it was up. It's really cute, but I have bought too many bags from these sales. The one I'm returning is black and in perfect condition. I wish I still had the link so you could bookmark it - maybe someone else here has the link??
  8. Great buy!