mulberry emmy $598 at nm

  1. For those of you in the Atlanta area-the Phipps Nordstrom store had this bag on sale for 60% off-it was $479 yesterday when I bought my Mulberrry Tooled Bayswater for the very same price. They had two sizes. Call them if you are interested!:p
  2. You got a Bayswater! Oh man. Very nice. I really like those, but I have to take a purse break.
  3. OMGosh, I saw this bag and went for the kill but first I needed some kind of code for free shipping. That's when I saw your post about this purse, which I ended up buying. But first........I called Nordstroms in Atlanta...the SA, in her irrating voice informed me that there were zero Mulberry bags available in black at the price of 479, darn it!!

    In the mean time I decided to cut bate and just buy the bag at the NM's rate of 668 dollars. Thank God it was still in my shopping bag. Pretty gorgeous for the money and I've alway wanted a Mulberry. A Pretty special item IMHO!

    The bottom line I have to see the bag IRL to truly assess. Have you all see this purse?? Just wondering?

  4. Sheesh....I don't want this bag??? What was I thinking. CANCELED.

    Bottom line the Mulberry Emmy bag in black will be available on NM online.

    Enough already@:crybaby:
  5. Shoot! When I first saw this bag months ago I vowed someday I would get it..I'm not totally crazy w/ the bag, but it IS the same name as my member name (= Emmy!!!).....Of course it's gone!!!! :cursing:

  6. Here's my thought, it is a very cute black bag but the only reason I was buying it was because of the price. I didn't totally love it.
  7. I am sorry that the SA was rude-I usually ask for Crystal-she's very sweet. The Emmy was in two shades of brown. They didn't have any black-I'm sorry that I didn't mention that!:s
  8. I have this in Black -- new with tags. I think that i am going to Ebay it return it because it just doesn't suit me.

  9. Why doesn't it suit you? A tad too structured? Like a Jimmy Choo? That's why I decided to cancel my order
  10. I like the bag but are not crazy for it, thankfully. I'm looking for something more suitable for summer down here in hot, hot Florida.
  11. Yes, too structured. I also really need a bag that I can carry on my shoulder when I need to.