Mulberry Ellie Photo Petition!!

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  1. Poor Ellie, hope the pressure doesn't get to you. I am sure no-one will be dissapointed at the pictures!
  2. Oh poor Ells!!! :lolots::lolots:

    I not cross - just think its funny.......

    and just glad you are still alive!
  3. 5 in line X 6 stuck, slightly leaning backwards perhaps (put books etc at the very back hidden)?? Take the photo standing on the chair (don't step on postman's lock, did you see MM's post?)

    I would be even happy to see just the bottom of the 30 Bays stacked mountain if that makes easier!!! That will be my next screen saver! :yahoo:

    No pressure, we can wait - ;)
  4. Lol Ells! Didn't mean to terrify you, just wanted to express how much I'd like to see your collection. Please pardon my impatience, just can't wait to admire all your gorgeous bags. :smile:
  5. Ive started to get them all out of their dustbags - Id forgotten I had one!

    Ive got to go out for my walk (fresh air helps rid me of work induced stress....which is just so distructively upsetting ....but thats another story) but then Ill start the photos.

    The saga continues........
  6. Ooh, this sounds very hopeful.
  7. Ellie - sorry to hear about the work stress....suffering from a bit of that myself too....keep buying bags so that i keep having to go to work to pay for that why you have so many??

    Which had you forgotten about??

  8. Thanks Poppy BF.

    I found a Navy Heavy Grain Joel with silver brightwork (the latter being the car industry term for hardware - sorry).
  9. Ohhh Ellie just keep us updated each stage, we will be happy to just imagine the sea of Mulberry...I don't mind to be drawn in there (ok may be not).

    Take your time! Sorry about work stress - ...
  10. Sorry to hear about the work stress, Ellie. I remember it well and really don't miss it! Of course now I have constant stress in the form of a small but rambunctious Miss M.

    At least your Mulberries are getting some fresh air while you do the same. I'm sure they appreciate it!
  11. the lost Mulberry sounds divine.....sounds like you have rather amazing taste too....

    Am off to face the fray again tomorrow for 3 days....

    Chin up!
  12. Just imagine how amazing the Mulberry leather scent must be in that room with all those bags out of their dust covers!
  13. wow! Can u imagine klp....I think i can smell them from here!!:girlsigh:
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