Mulberry Ellie Photo Petition!!

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  1. I've a horrible feeling Ells is trapped under an enormous pile of Mulberries.....
  2. :cry:
  3. ^^ maybe we need to all go round and take some of the mulberries off her hands then, help her out...
  4. That sounds like a good idea Hula. I want all the bays.
  5. I'm free this evening so I can come & help out too :biggrin::drinks:
  6. is it 1st come 1st served ??
  7. ....I would be quite happy with some of Ellie's cast offs....just to save her life of course.....I am thinking asphyxia is not a nice way to go ....:yucky:
  8. i just had a vision of her being suffocated by a bayswater.
  9. ^^^ Its terrible isnt it... we are duty bound to help her....
  10. and ourselves
  11. Maybe if we all shout at once.......

  12. Ellie! :woohoo: Ellie! where are you?
    Any chance of the pics please?
  13. :tumbleweed::tumbleweed::sleepy:
  14. I was really excited to see this thread back at the top of the list but still no pics?! ELLIE!!!!!

  15. (peaking from behind the curtain to ascertain how cross everyone is first)..........

    I am so sorry girls but it is much harder work than I had ever imagined - just getting the bags organises & photographed in focus has been a major task (this is my first digital camera.)

    And dont even get me started on what chaos 100+ bags causes.

    So please, please, please be patient - I really want to do my babies justice AND I want to do some really nice groups.

    One question - how on earth can I get 30+ Bays in one photo - I dont have stairs!

    I wont be disappointed ..........well, you bloody better not be :nuts::nuts::nuts:!!!

    Ells xxx
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