Mulberry Ellie Photo Petition!!

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  1. Now if Gordon Brown had enouraged investment in Mulberry bags like Ellie, rather than in dodgy mortgages, we'd all be looking a lot healthier in the wallets now - go Ellie!!!

    any we need to see pics of all your bags!!!

    PS welcome back Croxley, we missed you!
  2. wow i dont know what to say 109 jesus.
  3. 109...:girlsigh: They wouldn't even fit in my flat.. not fair :biggrin:
  4. WOW!!! That is amazing! I cannot even begin to imagine how it must feel to walk into a room with that many Mulberries and then realise: these are all MINE :yahoo:! You are one lucky girl indeed.
  5. That's one serious bag addiction !
    I'm amazed by the diversity of the collection from a classic bays to a funky sheepskin roxanne .
    Do you buy them to collect or use ?
  6. My goodness I am literally speechless - where do you keep them all??!!! Have you ever added up the costs of them? Probably best not to actually...what an amazing collection wow!!!
  7. :nuts::lol: you have obviously restrained yourself :graucho: only 109:faint:

    Good for you:ghi5: - seriously though, hope you have them all individually photographed and catalogued for your house insurance - or do they live in their own house:lol:
  8. ^^I was thinking the same thing about house insurance!

  9. I realised at bag no 12 that i should keep a record so each bag has a photograph of me with bag (an official modelling shot no less:graucho:) and its original receipt plus tag in my fire/safety dep box at my lawyers. I pay a visit most weeks with an update.

    Im lucky with security in that my little house is part of an estate that has serious security - only because its an outpost for diplomats - and the OH works from home and hes 6ft 6" and used to be CIA, so my babies and me are well looked after.

    Thank you for all your PMs - It seems that what has impressed you all (and me) the most is that I am not some spoilt WAG nor have I bankrupted myself but that I have chosen to spend my "spending money" on the most beautiful bags in the world!!

    Ill let you into a little secret............I have been working for my living since I was 3 years old............I was a Fairy liquid little girl and was a model until my early 20s (did not grow tall) and so when the repeat fees roll in (thank you) i go choose another Mulberry.:woohoo:

    110 arrived today........................
  10. Can we see your Fairy Liquid girl pics?
  11. ^^ Oh you have to show us your modeling pics, in professional manner & smile!
  12. 109!! Wow!!! :sweatdrop::faint::faint::nuts::lol:

    I am in awe!!

    We *need* some group shots for more drooling opportunties :roflmfao:
  13. ^^ It's already changed to 110 today!
  14. what is the new one, do we know?
  15. ............Its an Oak something!
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