Mulberry Ellie Photo Petition!!

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  1. OMG MulberryEllie!!!!!! That is amazing!!! I like the idea of seeing 10 bags per shot plleeeeeease I wanna see them all"!!:nuts:
  2. Oh wow - I feel like I've got some serious catching up to do!

    I think you live in a Mulberry store!
  3. I just opened this thread and I cannot believe my eyes .. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

    Ellie .. will you adopt me as your sister :graucho::graucho:

    You can do the 'bag borrow or steal' thing with only mulberries.

    I'm going back to have another look at your pics .. amazing!!
  4. Where do you keep them all Ellie and which ones do you USE??????? Do you loan them out:graucho:
  5. Wow Ellie, congratulations. :yahoo:

    I cannot even comprehend that many bags, Does getting ready to get out ever just turn into a fantastic trying on session, where you get so sidetracked having fun that you forget to go out?

    Jenova, that really made me giggle, can just imagine poor Ellie's other half taking 109 modelling shots!
  6. Have you found you bag twin? - Or would you have to have a twin for each part of the collection?
  7. This is not an original comment......


    Ellie this collection is unimaginable! I too want to know where you keep them all and when did you start collecting? I'm struggling, and I only have a few by comparison. I'm really looking forward to group photos......modeling shots...... portraits. The possibilities are endless. Congratulations!!!
  8. LOL Teddiescorner-I have just read your signature-your "few" make for impressive reading too:nuts:
  9. oh my days! what an immense collection! fabulous!
  10. Incredible!!!:yahoo::nuts::wtf::shocked::shocked::wtf::nuts::yahoo:
    I knew there was going to be alot but 108 is impressive and then some !!!

    More pics is a given but need details too like where do you keep them all and how many cans of collinil do you go through?

    How on earth do you decide which one to use?

    Respect to you Mulberry Ellie :urock:
  11. bloomin eck!!!! wow what an amazing collection!!!! how do you do it?
  13. Holy .... doodah!! :faint:

    About time too missie ... look forward to all the pics. :woohoo:

    Same questions as the others :






  14. Holy ... cow!!! wow!
    I'm completely speachless! have never seen anything like it!!


    Yes, you really have to tell us about storage etc... and give us more pics!:biggrin: Think I'll show this to my BF too...
  15. Saatchi wouldn't be able to afford that work of art! Ellie I am only half way through this thread and am laughing crying and amazed at your wonderful bags!
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