Mulberry Ellie Photo Petition!!

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  1. If you demand to see some photos of Mulberry Ellie's collection - newly sprayed - please sign below!!

    LovinMyMulberry aka Alison :lol:
  2. Oh LMM - you are bl**dy brilliant! I was just saying to the OH that the TPF girls are simply not going to stand for anymore excuses re no photos.

    Its a fair cop............I promise that this week will see the arrival of photos inc the Oak Family and missing ozone over stratford upon avon!

    Better get off to bed now - Im due in the office for 7am..................:nuts:

    Sweet dreams babe, xx
  3. I'm on the picket line too! We're waiting for :coolpics:
  4. Oh yes ....I'll sign .... notice Ellie is promising this week , haven't we heard that before .....
  5. :girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh: I would just love to see those pics.
  6. Ooh yes please, pics, pics........
  7. As someone who is reluctantly on the sofa for the foreseeable future, I for one not only want to see pics of Ellie's presumably fan-tabulous collection, I NEED to see them!
  8. Whaddawewant? PICS! Whendowewannem? NOW!!
  9. Oh absolutely! Including Family photo please, if her grandma has over 150 bags (!) Ellie must be owning at least..???? It's all genetic! :greengrin:

    Ellie I know you now have new camera, battery charged, Bags all sprayed - no more excuses!
  10. Absolutely no more excuses Ellie. We want pics!!!!!
  11. We want pics! We want pics!
  12. :useless::useless: :lol:
  13. Oi oi - you too mrs!!

    Every time I read a new thread & you mention another bag .. Im like .."Oooh another one" :faint:

    Im only jealous ...!!! :lol:
  14. :roflmfao: :woohoo:
  15. LMM loving this thread LOL - And I agree, Jenova, Flossie, SaraJ and Ells have stunning collections - they just keep topping them up - can't keep up with them - speed shoppers!

    Family pics ladies, if they fit in one photo that is lol!
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