Mulberry Elgin

  1. Hi I'm fairly new and this is my first post. I'll start with a question:
    Does anyone know what colors the Elgin has been made in thus far?

    I bought my first ever high end purse today (with the exception of Kate Spade), the Mulberry Elgin. I love big bags because I am a packrat and I'm also a sucker for nice leather that I think will age gracefully. As far as I know it has only been made in Lavendar, Oak (tan), Chocolate, Olive, and Black (at least in solid colors- but I don't like the multi colored ones). I believe I got the Olive (if there was not another shade of green made) on sale from Nordstrom's Half Yearly, so I'll likely be posting pics for authentication purposes because their lax/generous return policy can promote fake returning.
    Here's a stock photo:
  2. what a gorgeous bag! Mulberry is easily my favorite bag-maker. Also, i recall a ginger colour on luisaviaroma's website. Look at the fall accessories. I could be thinking of another bag, though.
  3. Congratulations on a beautiful bag ! I have not seen it in any other colors than the ones you mention.
  4. I just checked and you are correct...ginger looks like a seasonal orangey color (but it wasn't avail until August on that site). Thanks.
  5. I just received one I ordered from Saks - they called the color Nude, and it is much lighter in color than my Oak Phoebe. I've also seen itat Nordies in the chocolate-and-nude combo (but I guess that is "multi-colored"...I loved it!). I've seen in the pale rose color on eBay, but don't know if it's authentic.
  6. Nice! They have dual color (chocolate with light brown color straps) for fall collection on the mulberry website.