Mulberry Elgin Tote $397.90 on

  1. further reduced this bag to $397.90...I believe it was $697 for quite some time. Original retail price is $995 according to the site. Cute buckle details...

    Mulberry - Elgin Tote -
  2. its no longer avalible online
  3. Crud. That was a deal. Love that bag.
  4. Wow! Glad someone got it...must've been a PFer!!! YAY!!!
  5. Called to check on availability for this bag. The SA checked the store inventory and is sending it my way. So happy! Thanks for posting the link.
  6. Oh congrats!!!!!!! I'm glad you were able to find one!!!!!!
  7. oh no, I called their customer serivce, but they said it's all sold out ! Anyone knows where to find it anymore... ?? thanks!