Mulberry Elgin - is this the real deal?

  1. Hi..

    I just bought this Mulberry Elgin bag in oak on eBay.. It is bought from a trusted seller with good feedback, who has sold many genuine designer goods..

    The bag is best described as being pre-loved and it's been used quite a lot.. I do believe that the leather looks great though..

    I just got the bag today and it "feels" real.. I compare it to my Mulberry wallet and they seem equal when it comes to quality..

    Only thing is that when I look at the "metal-things", the way "Mulberry" is written looks a bit different on the bag compared to my wallet..

    The bag doesn't have a serial number or a "Made in"-tag, but I've heard that it changes from bag to bag?

    The leather still smells lovely.. I really hope someone will tell me how their Elgin bag looks and maybe post some photos.. Thanks.. :tup:

    elgin.jpg elgin2.jpg elgin3.jpg elgin4.jpg
  2. More pics.. :smile:
    elgin5.jpg elgin6.jpg
  3. It looks good to me! unfortunately i only have a fake Elgin that I was scammed with off e-bay to compare it to!
  4. Thanks.. :smile:

    I know there are so many fakes on eBay, but I hope that I've found the needle in the haystack..
  5. It was the leather that was obviously wrong on my fake bag. stiff and smelt of chemicals rather than the gorgeous darwin leather smell !
  6. The leather on this bag seems lovely and it has a nice smell..
  7. I can't tell with any certainty from those photos - do you have the auction ID from when you bought it? Yes you are correct, it is quite usual not to have a Made in tag or a serial number.
  8. If that bag is a fake, it is the best fake I've ever seen!
  9. That's at least good to hear.. Thanks.. ;)
  10. Here's the itemnumber: 160128517113
    Is that what you need?

    I've actually just realized that it has a "Made in England" tag with a "M" or "W" on the back of it..
  11. Yes definitely genuine, I know that seller.
  12. That sounds great.. Thank you very much..
    Only problem is that seller bought the bag on eBay herself..?
  13. It isn't a particular problem though is it, unless you wanted to claim under the warranty?
  14. I have both the Roxanne and the Elgin, both purchased directly from the Mulberry online store and the "Mulberry" is printed/engraved differently on the hardware of both bags so maybe it depends on the item or maybe the season etc. That bag looks lovely and the seller was very honest about the condition of the bag she was selling....
  15. Looks like a good deal!

    I am not a Mulberry expert but the writing on the hardware looks very similar to that on my Annie. Also, the "made in" tag can be hard to find... it took me a while to locate the one in my bag.