Mulberry elgin fake, advice please

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  1. I recently won an elgin off ebay, the pictures were of a genuine bag, I have added the link:
    sadly I have been sent a really cheap counterfeit handbag that smells so badly of chemicals I have had to put it outside, I have opened a case but the seller is saying that the pictured bag was the one that was sent with the original receipt which is untrue, the bag is a terrible fake and I was wondering if anyone else has had experiences with this seller and any advice on getting my money back? Thankyou in advance!
  2. I'm not very familiar with Ebay, but I'm sure this will be sorted, as it's not allowed to sell fakes. Shoudn't ebay have clear directions on this?

    Next time, have it authenticated on here before purchasing!
  3. So sorry to hear this. Actually I think the bag in the pic looks fake too but that's by the by really. I once ended up with a fake Elgin off e-bay but managed to claim back some money through e-bay (unfortunately i'd paid by cheque rather than paypal). You need to start a claim for item not as described/ fake initially. Hopefully others on here can offer some more advice.
  4. Try - they might be able to help.
  5. First thing take pictures of the bag inside and out, note the number of the bag if it has one as this may come in handy. start the claim through paypal, item not as discribed and mention that you know it is a fake. Do all contact through paypal so that it is recorded and not through ebay as the seller could claim that you are being rude etc. Paypal will be the go between and eventually you will be asked to send the bag back to the seller, take more photos of the item being packed up and the box and send it back special del as you will be able to track the item on line to see it has been returned and signed for. Eventually paypal should refund you but it may take a couple of weeks and the seller my drag their feet with returning your money but you will get it back. Good luck!!
  6. thank you so much all the advice, I know the seller will drag this out by the replies I have received, I will take numerous photos of the bag now and await ebays response. Thank you all so much for all your replies and advice, I normally always get any bags authenticated through the purse forum and on the occasion I don't I receive a fake! I will definitely know better next time!!
  7. Don't be too hard on yourself! I saw the listing and was very much tempted myself....
    Wish you best of luck and hope you get it sorted soon.
  8. I am very sorry to sound harsh, but you decided to buy from a seller with private feedback - read "conman". It was nearly 100% likely that the transaction end up like this. ??? I do not understand how badly one might want a bag to bid on that listing, I think you need to stop buying off ebay, as you appear to get carried away beyond any "health and safety risk assessment".
  9. If you had not left feedback there is a good chance that the seller has not had access to your money yet as feedback is often the key to release the money, paypal will freeze the money in their account so once they have set up the terms to return and refund you, email them the 24hr tracking number they can then check the seller has received their goods back and refund quite quickly, mine was really fast 4 hrs later! Make sure all your communication with the seller is registered through the correct channels not private emails also I notice they have made their feedback private which is usually the action of someone up to no good but the postive part is they cannot sell until they lift that status. Good luck hope you get your money back soon
  10. Hi, many thanks for all the guidance given, the seller only made private their feedback after I opened my case, they were obviously concerned about negative feedback and previous to this they had sold health products so thought they were a genuine seller like myself, will be avoiding ebay for a while now and think a trip to cheshire oaks mulberry is needed asap!!
  11. I had the same experience with this seller a long while ago with and have been reporting her to eBay as she keeps listing copy Elgins!! Along with her wholefood supplements...One to watch out for..

    Mine was returned same day it arrived and refunded straightaway so best of luck to Janey. I used the Forum authenticate thread to confirm the copy and that was very supportive!!
  12. Janey, i bought a fake Elgin once - tho not from this seller - and left it too long to authenticate it by which time there was nothing i could do.

    I sympathise hugely.

    Good luck with your claim.